Gateway MA7 / MT6707 Booting Issue

By mallard1 ·
I have a Gateway Laptop MA7 /MT6707 with a boot problem. When you power up the laptop the cpu fan and hard drive spin up and I get the power light on but that is it, it will not post. On occasion when powering up the fan will speed up and then shut off along with the hard drive.

I have been able to get the laptop to boot by turning it on and off a dozen times or so and it will finally post and boot into Vista, and operates fine. I have run several diagnostic tests and everything checks out?no reported issues.

I have replaced the memory; I have switched memory slots with different combinations of memory, I reapplied thermal past to the CPU thinking it could be a heat issue I am at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like...

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Gateway MA7 / MT6707 Boot ...

you are experiencing faulty hardware, which is slowly on its way to shutting down completely. Can you boot into the bios? Check and make sure everything is listed appropriately and then try booting into the OS after exiting the bios. At this point it could be anything from your cpu, to the harddrive, to the cdrw. You'll have to try and eliminate the cause, which may be more then you really want to deal with.

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Hard drive?

by robo_dev In reply to Gateway MA7 / MT6707 Boot ...

If you remove the hard drive, does it respond normally? (beeping a lot since there is no boot device).

Any luck booting to CD-ROM?

I would remove everything that can be removed (drives, memory, battery, etc) and see if it will go through normal POST sequence.

Reset bios to factory defaults and check for bios update.

My first guess would be that the hard drive or CD-ROM drive is not initializing properly, leaving the system 'stuck' at that point.

Does this PC have some sort of diags partition on the hard drive? (and can it boot to that partition?

If the drives are not the problem, then I would guess:

1) DC-DC board (assuming this laptop has one)
2) system board
3) power supply (I doubt it)

The fan shutting off with the hard drive sounds like something on the mobo or DC board is faulty, and it's failing under high current draw.

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by mallard1 In reply to Hard drive?

I have removed the hard drive and it would not post, removed memory, DvD, Network Card and no post. I think the problem is with the motherboard.

Thanks for the replys

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Gateway MA7 not posting.

by Mr. King In reply to Motherboard

I have had the same issues, the problem that I found was a bios virus. disconnect the bios battery located under the keyboard, wait about 15 - 20 sec. and plug the bios battery back in and try it again.

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Gateway Power Up Issues

by mi2mi2 In reply to Gateway MA7 / MT6707 Boot ...

I have 2 Gateway computers doing the same thing. One is a year and a month old (out of warranty) the other is 2 years old. One will power up about every third time you try. One only about once a month. I'm so disgusted with Gateway!
I've tried the BIOS patches but that isn't the problem. I've had several repair folks look at them - can't seem to diagnose the problem other than it's either a motherboard issue or the connection between the power supply and the motherboard. Either way it's too expensive to fix and too tricky to diagnose. It seems from searching that this is a know problem with Gateways. I wish they were interested in posting a fix!!!

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