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By strahab13 ·
You say "geeks tend to do things on their own and think they know better than anyone else". Well you know, that sounds like the most senior level of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. That's politics not technology of course. So, one point, I'd like to make is that your definition has little to do with Info Technology or technical expertise and knowledge. Rather it's a rather broad defintion that has more to do with personality, temperament, or attitude in any occupation or profession (the word "arrogant" comes to mind). You've really got a disciplinary issue that you need to address. On a lighter note, you also must realize, that based on election results the last 8 years, roughtly half of the American voting public seemed to prefer this sort of "strong" attitudinal characteristic in its national leadership. Go figure ... I'm still scratching my head over this one. In any case, a lot of people seem to admire this "cowboy" attitude, so watch your back out there :). Or, better yet, maybe you should try to persude this guy to leave the IT field and enter politics :).

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I often take longer than my coworkers

by jdclyde In reply to mine is the fact...

but I only do it once, while they end up having to go back and keep tweeking forever.

I make my check lists, and especially when I am across the state working, I double check everything.

One of my co-"workers" had to go across the state to change a CD-Rom and a few other minor tasks. Was in a hurry, did the work and came back. (hour and a half each way).

He didn't TEST the CD-rom, so didn't realize that he forgot to plug the power cable into it, so when he got back and the user called that it didn't work, my boss had him turn around and go back and fix it right.

It never pays to be in a rush.

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i truly feel for you

by jck In reply to I often take longer than ...

it's rare i have that happen. i check things and make sure.

guess it's just experience.

hope you got to put a foot up someone's butt for that...or your boss did.

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I did get to mention

by jdclyde In reply to i truly feel for you

just how much time the "tech" wasted because of doing sloppy work while being in a rush. Yeah, that went over real well... B-)

People walk PAST my co-workers offices, down the hall and around the corner to my office when they need help with something.

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by jck In reply to I did get to mention

i used to be in that role...i wish i'd have had a door to close, and could have cut my phone cable lol

i literally on some days, at the last job, would be on a phone call with one user for maybe 30 minutes...and have several voicemails by the time i hung up.

i didn't mind helping people, but when i'm in the middle of a programming project and you want me to come down and troubleshoot your printer?

at that point i think it's time to have a class on "knowing your co-workers" so people know what you do rather than assume since you're so nice you'll do anything...even if you're in crunch mode.

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"Learning to say NO"

by jdclyde In reply to users

Is important.

"I am sorry, but I am in the middle of this right now." and then politely direct them to the person who IS responsible for that.

That is a huge problem when we go on-site to our remote locations. There are always huge problems that NEED to be solved, but were never important enough to report, but since they see you in the hall way.....

My coworker was horrible with this, and she would spend all day at a location and never get the one thing done that she went there for.

My boss started sending me, because I would let people know that I am sceduled to do x,y, and z, but if I could get everything wrapped up in time, I would come back to them AT THE END. I always would come back.

Now when people see me, they ask if I could add them to my list because they know I actually DO make a list and follow it. B-)

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wish it was that easy

by jck In reply to users

i have had the budget analyst come in needing something...and i was in the middle of something critical in the works for the building department on behalf of the county admin...within 15 mins of saying no, my manager calls me and says "the assistant county administrator suggests ( it or else) that we get this done now. okay?"

so now i have 2 critical issues to deal with at the same time. not so easy sometimes.

and you can't go to them and say "you all hash it out and tell me what you decide" and then sit and wait for the committee

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document and bill accordingly

by jdclyde In reply to users

as I assume they make you charge your time out by the jobs?

keep track of the time you spend on the jobs and keep that documentation.

If it makes your other projects fall behind and boss man wants to know why it is late, you can show your actual hours on the project and how much was diverted.

Sad when everything has to come down to CYA.

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Easy answer Shelly

by OH Smeg In reply to Insults?

All the Cool Toys we get to play with.

I've just acquired a electric Helicopter from E-Bay for 99 cents and it's fun. :^0

My alarm clock that says Exterminate and looks like a Darlek is also pretty cool even if SHMBO has nightmares all the time now. B-)


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I have had my eye one

by jdclyde In reply to Easy answer Shelly

one of the binary clocks they sell at think geek. B-)

maybe even the watch? ;\

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by Shellbot In reply to I have had my eye one

hubby's watch up and was considering getting him the binary one..
dunno though...cause then i'd never be able to sneak a peek and know what time it is without learning that stuff!!!

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