Geek Definition Insults Half of US

By strahab13 ·
You say "geeks tend to do things on their own and think they know better than anyone else". Well you know, that sounds like the most senior level of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. That's politics not technology of course. So, one point, I'd like to make is that your definition has little to do with Info Technology or technical expertise and knowledge. Rather it's a rather broad defintion that has more to do with personality, temperament, or attitude in any occupation or profession (the word "arrogant" comes to mind). You've really got a disciplinary issue that you need to address. On a lighter note, you also must realize, that based on election results the last 8 years, roughtly half of the American voting public seemed to prefer this sort of "strong" attitudinal characteristic in its national leadership. Go figure ... I'm still scratching my head over this one. In any case, a lot of people seem to admire this "cowboy" attitude, so watch your back out there :). Or, better yet, maybe you should try to persude this guy to leave the IT field and enter politics :).

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I would bet it wouldn't take long

by jdclyde In reply to watch

to learn to read binary by sight. B-)

how cool would THAT be? ;\

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Well, what if

by The Scummy One In reply to I would bet it wouldn't t ...

she learned to read it upside down??? :0

Would that affect Math skills ?

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by OH Smeg In reply to I have had my eye one

Now I'm going to have to get a Binary Clock to go with my Backward Clock.

I really like the Backward Clock as it confuses everyone who looks at it more than once I might add. But a Binary Clock beside it would be great now I'll have to drag out the bit of plastic and go looking for a new toy. :^0


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by jdclyde In reply to BAD BAD BAD JD

backwards clock?

damn, now I have to get THAT! B-)

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here you go, babz......

by gadgetgirl In reply to oooohhhh

yes, I knew just where there was one....

yes, it's one of my favourite sites.....


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Anyone remember digital watches with analogue faces ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to BAD BAD BAD JD

Back in the mid-80s I had a digital watch, complete LCD face, but the LCD displayed an analogue watch-face with Hour, Minute & Seconds hands.

At the press of a button it changed into what is now the de facto digital watch. So it was like 2 watches in one.

One of the funny things it could do was invert the analogue face, so it was effectively upside-down. I could never figure out wtf this function was for.

It turned out that in Japan, if someone asked you the time, you could just press the button and 'show' them the watch without having to attempt dislocating your shoulder!!

It could also chime the sound of Big Ben on the hour every hour or just at 12 noon. One day at 12 noon it went off in the Boardroom and I couldn't shut it off until it had struck all 12 BONGS. :^0

It got stood on while I was camping one year and I never could find a replacement.

Pretty sure it was a Citizen make.

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oooh! oooh! oooh! Col! JD!! over here....!!

by gadgetgirl In reply to BAD BAD BAD JD

didn't find a binary clock, but I found a binary watch.....

(yup, still my favourite site... you should see the length of my ..... wishlist!)

;\ ;\


Edit: Gottit!

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JD the freight is a killer

by OH Smeg In reply to To add to your list!

I'm going to have to find a supplier here in AU as 4 times the purchase price to get one delivered here is just too much if SWMBO was to ever find out.

Cool Toy and easy to read though.


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Tell me about it

by jdclyde In reply to To add to your list!

Have sent some care packages to the UK, and they are far from cheap.

It WAS amusing watching the tracking on how it would take four times as long to get delivered once IN the UK, than it took to get TO the UK. :0

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