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Geeks/Nerds already rule the earth

By Shirokit ·
Hehe just as the title says. Geeks/Nerds really do rule the earth if you think about it.

What would happen if all geeks/nerds goes on strike at the same time or just disappears out of the picture?

I think it would be a global communication and economic meltdown.

How long will the net/telecomunications/wireless/satelites/travel/power/water/banks sustain itself in that event?

What would happen to the stock markets?

The truth is almost every company/country relies on computers in order to function and without the help of geeks/nerds their computers will slowly but surely start to malfunction due to lack of computer knowledge of the regular user.

If you think about it almost everything in our daily lives relies on geeks/nerds doing what we do.

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hiyo silver!!

by Shellbot In reply to Don't know about a few th ...

Only thing i can't do is ride a horse!!

will a donkey do? :)

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Shell dear,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to hiyo silver!!

you can ride my donkey any time.

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ahh thanks DE

by Shellbot In reply to Shell dear,

Is he all small and cute with spiky grey hair??
]:) *snort*

(couldn't resist)

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Come to think of it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to not quite

How is it you get the 'end of civilization' from the 'lights going out permanently'?

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I was

by Shellbot In reply to Come to think of it.

gonna mention that as well..but was too lazy to continue typing ..

ok, when the end is near, we'll hook up and build a little empire one a hut form 30 a fully working network with a proper database to store our knowledge :)

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My e-mail

by Shirokit In reply to I was

You will have to ask the admins for it or ask them to verify it.

Pasting your e-mail in an open forum like this is well just stupid as e-mail adress bots is active all over the net. I have enoth spam already on my gmail account no way im going to do anything that will give this e-mail spam aswell.

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Not if you use the a(DOT)b(AT)somedomain(DOT)com format

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to My e-mail
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Shell ---

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I was

this one wants you to have his email??? :0

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I presume

by Shellbot In reply to Shell ---

they were trying to respond to G-Mans post :)

If we say over here "I've pulled"

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and powered by bio-electricty from a huge bank

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I was

of wired potatoes.

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