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Geeks/Nerds already rule the earth

By Shirokit ·
Hehe just as the title says. Geeks/Nerds really do rule the earth if you think about it.

What would happen if all geeks/nerds goes on strike at the same time or just disappears out of the picture?

I think it would be a global communication and economic meltdown.

How long will the net/telecomunications/wireless/satelites/travel/power/water/banks sustain itself in that event?

What would happen to the stock markets?

The truth is almost every company/country relies on computers in order to function and without the help of geeks/nerds their computers will slowly but surely start to malfunction due to lack of computer knowledge of the regular user.

If you think about it almost everything in our daily lives relies on geeks/nerds doing what we do.

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by Shellbot In reply to and powered by bio-electr ...

see..all comes back to us farmers..need to grow them there potatoes.. :)

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In a field

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to and powered by bio-electr ...

plowed by jocks.

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And just why are all those Scotsmen in Ireland to be

by Deadly Ernest In reply to and powered by bio-electr ...

towing Shell's plough around?

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The truth is...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Geeks/Nerds already rule ...

...society got along for thousands of years without computers. Maybe not as well (or, maybe it could be argued better...that's a different thread waiting to happen), but well enough.

Now, if you would have brought up pretty much the same topic, but phrased it more along the lines of "asides from the military, nerds/geeks can do more to screw up the planet immediately than anyone", I think people may have had more fun with the topic, and been slightly more receptive.

Or maybe not. Who knows. At the least, the tone would have been better...and that's a start.

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I'll tell you what rules

by santeewelding In reply to Geeks/Nerds already rule ...

When I stubbed my big toe, the whole friggen enterprise came to a full stop -- brain, heart, liver, kidneys, sphincter. You name it. Every organ of my sentience laid aside its quarrelsome preeminence. Everything cringed.

Is that what you presume yourself to be?

A big toe?

Or a sphincter?

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I bow

by Shellbot In reply to I'll tell you what rules

to your awesomeness Santee

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Already proposed by Cory Doctrow

by eric In reply to Geeks/Nerds already rule ...
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This is sorta true, in a humorus why...

by Fearl3$$ In reply to Geeks/Nerds already rule ...

I stared Reading this, and understand what Shiro is saying. And it is a question/opinion, that I have aswell.. IT People does rule the earth, and most of us are bieng called geegs/nerds for what we do. And I saw a post about no electricity, then we will be nothing, but, what does run those Powerplants that give's power to our technology? PC's/Servers/Software/computerchips?

And nowaday's farmers also rely on computer tech, to milk cows,keep refrigirators cool and so on... So even farmers would not survive... We will have to start all over again.
As I see it, we need older tech to build newer better tech, but if the whole system crashes in this moment in time we would have to sortof start from the begining again, because what happens to older tech? it gets thrown out?

"Everything I said here is my own opinion and must not be taken as Facts."

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Looking at my account activation screen

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to This is sorta true, in a ...

Above post = Shirokit

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