Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead! :-(

By dr3amz ·
Ok, so everything was working fine, next morning switched on the ol' PC - and no display...

Great, tried resetting bios/re-seating card etc (bear in mind NOTHING change from night before bar going to bed! lol) - still nothing.

Tried in another PC - same issue.

Can hear the PC booting up - but no display from either output, tried on 350W upto 500W PSUs - same result.

Is it dead? The fact the PC still seems to be booting to windows gives me some kinda hope?

Or am I gonna finally have to upgrade the old dog?


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? *updated*

by dr3amz In reply to POST

ok.... post screen is at initial turn on - ie BIOS - this is NOTHING to do with windows and its drivers and requires NO WINDOWS DRIVERS - omg!? if you are novices please do NOT respond to this thread (I appreciate you trying to be helpful but you clearly do not have an indepth technical knowledge, and this is even basic stuff!)

You could have a COMPLETELY screwed up installation of windows on your pc - OR EVEN A BLANK HD - but you would STILL ALWAYS see the bios post (and yes my tft warms up in time) even hitting DEL to get into the BIOS - still no display.

If you had read the post you would also have read I've tried this card in another system - same problem - now don't suggest the same thing is happening there with drivers else I'll have someone come around and confiscate all your PC equipment and get you a Speak & Spell instead!

Now stop suggesting ridiculous things, I'm not looking for anyone to tell me to buy a new card - thats why I posted here, I don't WANT to buy a new card - so don't get defensive just because your posts aren't addressing the correct issue :)

As i'm at post limit - i'll respond to the idiotic post below - because i've a) reset the bios on the motherboard (probably something you don't know how to do as it seems your knowledge, if any, is limited to windows 3.11) b) i've also reset the BIOS from the 7800... and c) what a waste of time it was posting here, please do me a favour and NEVER apply for any IT support roles because... well... just LOL

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So how can you check the BIOS if you can't SEE it ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ? *updated*

Oh, I know - you could use the 7800 card.

Oops sorry, no you wouldn't do that - that would be something a novice would do!! :^0

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I don't understand why you think the card might be salvagable....

by KaryDavis In reply to Geforce 8800GTS640mb Dead ...

Since you tried the card in two different systems, and neither would display during POST, AND both systems work fine with another card, tells me the GeForce 8800GTS640mb is toast.

I would call the card manufacturer to see if this is a known issue, or check the forums to see if others came across the same problem.

As far as what went wrong between turning the system off and powering it back on, could be a myriad of things. The card may have shorted (even though the system is shut down, if its plugged in there is still current on the board) or it could have simply crashed after shutdown...or simply stuff happens...

And yes... I personally think you may have to upgrade the old dog...

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Just to verify

by dr3amz In reply to I don't understand why yo ...

It was a last ditch effort to see if anyone had a possible work around - did I think it was likely, not really, seen it happen before - but at the expense of spending $300+ on a new card is was worth asking.

I've raised an RMA now with Leadtek also as its 14 days inside the 2yr warranty period (phew)

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So - I was right all along !! All you really wanted was ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Just to verify

For someone to hold your hand and agree with you that you needed to buy another card! ...

What a wally !! :^0

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by Wizard-09 In reply to So - I was right all alon ...

Also ask them do the have a upgrade for your brain as the current one seems to have shorted out wally ha ha

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