Genuine KEY product,

By gstepion. ·
Hi I have borrowed my friends xp home editon disc after having a bad virus, because my xp came built in but i have the key code on the side of my tower, have reinstalled from scratch, but have no sound or can not plat dvd's or cd's, with windows media polayer, in my system info its got a Yellow ? by multimedia Audio Controller, and windows is saying its not a genuine disc is this because i borred my friends disc, is there any way i can down load xp home editon and then start again with my key number from side of tower, please,

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Right now, - think back to before the 'virus' attack

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Drive's

Before you reinstalled, can you remember what name the sound icon had?

When you hovered the pointer over the speaker icon in your system tray, was there a name for the soundchip?

That name is what you would be looking for in terms of updated drivers.

ALSO, as I have already told you: you need to download a CODEC pack if you want to play DVDs. Here is the link again:

Download from this site and run the install routine.

[For your information: DVD video is compressed in order to fit all the images and sound onto an optical disc, a DVD. The codec pack expands this compressed information as it is 'read' from the disc by the laser. Without it - no DVD playback. CODEC is an acronym - it stands for COmpressorDECompressor.]

Here's another link for a program called Belarc Advisor. Download and run it. It will generate detailed specifications for the inside of your system. Hopefully it might mention the soundchip name.

If you can post back with the EXACT make and model of your computer I'll try to find a link to your needed drivers.

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Belarc Advisor

by gstepion. In reply to Right now, - think back t ...

Hi Old Mycroft
I have down loaded the above its got alsorts on it could you now please advise me what i do with this report now,
My PC is a Packard Bell NEC PB13302101 Desktop,with a 2.80gigahertz Intel Celron Processor.
16 Kilobyte pma cache.
256 Kilobyte secodary memory cache.
NTFS 80GB hard drive
Bus clock 133 megahertz
can you tell me if this is what you need, cheers for your valued time, with my problem.

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My Drivers

by gstepion. In reply to Go here for your drivers

Hi bwilmot
I am so sorry but i am a complete novice at all the PC tech stuff can i ask you or any other knid person which drivers do i down load once i go to this site, also when i have downloaded them how do i go about installing them please, i know this must be hard for a lot of you to have to nurse maid me, but i am very greatful for your help,

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Check the site

by IC-IT In reply to My Drivers

It is fairly straight forward. You may want to try this one to check if it is only an update or the whole program.
PowerCinema 3 update
This is your audio;
SigmaTel C-Major (STAC97N) for SiS audio driver
AGP chipset and then Video;
SiS651 AGP bus driver
SiS651C display drivers

Looks like they are executable files (exe), just download then run. Or download all then double click to execute.

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Driver download

by gstepion. In reply to Check the site

Bwilmot i tried thses and when i ran the one for video it aksed do you want to restart your PC which i answered yes to as this complete, the down load but once i did i could not get my pc to work it kept goin to windows starting over and over i had to go into, Safe mode and do a system restore, to get back to normal ant specific reason for this do you know ?

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by gstepion. In reply to Belarc Advisor

Hi Old Mycroft and other members im still not sure how i install these divers i tried one and my PC kept rebooting over and over so i had to do a restore from safe mode to get back in to my computer, so am now worried if i try them again they will do more damage, can any advise me please.

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If the video driver caused a problem, try another first...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Belarc Advisor

Leave the video driver until the end of the intalls.

Have you installed the codec pack I mentioned earlier? If not, this may be part of the reason the video driver proceeded to crash.

Since you seem prone to crashes after driver installs/updates, ALWAYS restart after each driver installation - that way there will be no confusion as to which driver is causing your system to fail.

Now: the constant rebooting loop is caused by a check box inside your BIOS setup, that instructs the computer to 'reboot on system failure'. You'll have to enter your BIOS by pressing a special key at initial start-up, before your Windows boot screen appears.

Read the screen on boot-up - there should be an instruction at the bottom left of your screen, telling you which key to press to enter BIOS SETUP.

Once you are in your BIOS setup, your mouse will not work - you navigate by using your keyboard's 'arrow keys'.

If you find the BIOS a daunting task, post back and we can 'walk you through it'.

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bios found

by gstepion. In reply to If the video driver cause ...

Old Mycroft
Thanks found and dealt with that bios when you sat codec pack do you mean the downloads that i got from the site you mentioned, if so how would you go about installing them, ie, in which order? or does this matter, thank you for your time,

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Codecs - installing them

by OldER Mycroft In reply to bios found

Usually these codec packs take all the worry out of the installation.

They usually download as a self-installing pack - all you have to do is double-click the downloaded .exe file.

That's it.

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