Get data off old hard drive

By alex ·
Old system crashed. Needs new everything and is 3ys old so I'm getting a new computer. The hard drive is ok, so I'd like to get the data off the old hard drive to the new computer. I'm going to convert it to an external HD. The "my documents" are no problem. How do I get Outlook express files and others that are not stored in my docs to move to the new hard drive in the new system? The old system was running Win XP. The new will be running Vista.

Thanks for any help.

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One easy solution

by Alpha-Male In reply to Get data off old hard dri ...

Since the system crashed (assuming you mean problems with the OS made it unbootable or hardware failure rendered it unbootable) -

Pull your hard drive and install it into an external USB enclosure (or scusi, e-sata, etc - whatever is appropriate for the kind of drive you had). Then connect it to your new Vista system. From there, you should be able to import your data, email, etc.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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Good plan

by alex In reply to One easy solution

That is my plan. I hope it all works smoothly. I really have a lot of email messages and addressess that I don't want to lose.

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You may have some problems here

by OH Smeg In reply to Get data off old hard dri ...

Mainly revolving around the fact that the default E-Mail Client in Vista is different to the one in XP and you Can Not Use the older one in the new one.

More importantly why do you need to use Vista on the new unit when XP is far more stable and a proven product instead of a new OS that is yet to prove itself?


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No Choice

by alex In reply to You may have some problem ...

I wish I had a choice. I would have the new computer come with XP. I don't get to make that decision. So, there is no way to get my address book or messages off the old (XP) Outlook Express to the new computer (Vista?)

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Outlook Express unfortunately No

by OH Smeg In reply to No Choice

However you can still purchase XP loaded Computers if you look around. Dell certainly still sells them as well as a few others.


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Erase new HD?

by alex In reply to Outlook Express unfortuna ...

Can I format the HD on the new system and install XP myself? I bought XP for my son's computer a couple of years ago.

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Maybe provided you have a OEM or Retail copy supplied by M$

by OH Smeg In reply to Erase new HD?

You will also need the drivers that are slipstreamed onto the Recovery CD for XP and not Vista copied to something so you can access them after the install is complete.

To get a full list of available drivers go to Belarc and get a copy of Belarc Advisor from here

Then download the XP drivers that you need and keep them safe.

Of course if you have an OEM Copy of XP this breaches the EULA so it's not legal and if you are working from a Slipstreamed Copy you do not have a full complement of Windows Drivers provided so you will be unlikely to load the system.


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