Get Parental Control off my PC

By franl155 ·
I use MS Office 2007 on XP, with IE 8.

Following a recent "update" I now find that I have a Nanny sitting on my PC that refuses to allow me access to certain websites - not all of them "naughty" - it even blocked me downloading an update of Adobe Reader, so I can't even access my PDF files.

I looked around for some help; went into IE Internet Options, opened Content Advisor and had to fill out a password to enable me to set all the sliders to "push off, Nanny" - with no effect at all.

I emailed Microsoft, and actually got a response. However, they said, go to Control Panel, User Accounts, then click on Parental Control. I could do the first two, but the third doesn't appear as an option. I emailed them to tell them this, and their response is to tell me to post a question in the Microsoft Answers Forum - they obviously find my question too difficult for their tiny little minds.

Just to set the record straight: I'm 60 years old, there are no children in my life, much less on my PC - I think I'm old enough to be able to decide for myself where I want to go and what I want to see (that's what the little x in the top forner is for) and I strongly object to being controlled by *someone else's* idea of what I may or may not be allowed to do!

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by franl155

Thanks, Peeps. I did try going in as Administrator (the only way I know how to do that is to restart in Safe Mode) and set all "permission" bars to the rdightmost edge, "unrestricted". No go. I tried disengaging the function. No go.

I've just been in as Administrator and tried both options again. Zilch. Came back in as me and still zilch.

Gjot a couple of pages up when I went for one site: first one said s"problem with site's security certificates" - I clicked "go ahead" anyway,. and got another which said: "blocked on this network, see your Network Administrator"

I AM my network administrarot, wtf is happening? or not happening?

Thinking of chucking IE altogether and trying another browser.

What would people suggest as an alternative?

couple of points: I'm severely visually impaired, and have the screen resolution set at its lowest, and still need font 24 - Firefox uses the default font setting, which is annoying, as the box overflows the screen and there's not scroll bar to get at it - also, when I do click on one of the menus I can see, all I get is the first two or three letters of the first word, which is very helpful!

Is there a way to adjust Firefox's font size (that I can get at with half the box offscreen)? there's no point me changing the resolution to get all the box onscreen as I then won't be able to read anything!

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by franl155

9th March update: I found a "contact us" on the OpenDNS site, and used it. Apparently I hadn't registered a network, though I had: but I hadn't downloaded and installed the Windows software that was on the same page.

Done that. Apparently things are working ok now: I can get to Fetlife, and I ddeliberately did'nt put it in "never block". I've been trying to find the tattoo site that it previously blocked because of "sexuality", but I've been to several other sites with no problems.

Since then, when I open the PC, I get an OpenDNS box asking do I want to update or ... I usually x it off; I don't want to get into this any deeper than I have to to regain control of my PC.

So it seems that the problem is solved (she said with her fingers crossed!). But I'll keep this page in my favourites in case of future glitches.

I'd like to thank everyone for their time and patience - you're brilliant, all of you!

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Reponse To Answer

by franl155 In reply to XP homeless is it?

I have XP Pro, and am the only user. I went into Safe, then Control Panel, Administration - couldn't see anything that I recognised as being relevant, and didn't want to fiddle aimlessly, in case I couldn't undo it!

Just tried it again, as me: found Amin Tools, under Securtiy Settings there's Policies for: Accounts, Local, Public Key, Software Restriction and IP Security on Local Computers, but when I clidk on each, none has anything that I can see might be relevant

The Internet Options Content Advisor says "enable", which i take to mean that it's not currently set, but it's still blocking.

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Specific message

by glen.harris In reply to Get Parental Control off ...

Could you possibly intentionally visit a naughty site and let us know the specific message you are receiving? It could be something simple such as your router being set to use a service such as open dns. I've seen these on a couple of occasions where others have added the 'public ip' to their open dns account and blocked inappropriate content. They then loose the ip address at the end of its lease, it gets re-assigned to the ip pool and is assigned to someone else later on but open dns still enforces the parental controls as it is still attached to someone elses account.
This of course may not be the scenario at all but a specific error message would help us here to help you.

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Reponse To Answer

by franl155 In reply to Specific message

Sorry, this is going to be a long answer, but has to be to get all the data in.

I have been trying to visit a specific

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Reponse To Answer

by franl155 In reply to Specific message

As a faint chance, I tried "Contact your network administraror", filled in name, email and message, cliked Send and got "error sending message" - maybe it knows it's daft to send an email to myself asking why I'm blocking access to my chosen website!
maybe someone else cold follow that link and "contact network administrator" see if I get an email!

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Have you tried disabling Content Advisor?

While logged in as Administrator, open Control Panel, then Internet Options. Click on
the Content tab at top, then click the Disable button under Content Advisor.
Rather than highlight each little area of "concern" and move the slider.

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Reponse To Answer

by franl155 In reply to Have you tried disabling ...

it IS off, apparently - the tab says "enable" which seems to suggest that it's not currently abled (if that's a word) still blocks

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Just in case you don't notice this one above Frani

by OH Smeg In reply to Get Parental Control off ...

Then try this.

In IE left click on Tools and from the Drop Down List highlight Smart Screen Filter. A Sub Menu appears and you need to left click on Turn Off Smart Screen Filter and follow the prompts.

I seem to remember Smart Screen Filter was a Add On to IE a while ago so it may have been a update to that recently which is what your problem currently is. I don't think it's in any way related to Parental Controls but I could be wrong.


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IE security issue

by RSmiedy In reply to Get Parental Control off ...

Go to the IE Security settings and add the site to your trusted sites in the security tab. If that doesn't work turn Content Advisor off in the content tab.

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Reponse To Answer

by franl155 In reply to IE security issue

I had thought of doing that, but I really object to having to go ever-so-'umbly to beg Nanny's gracious permission to do as I damn well please in my own time on my own PC in my own home!

Besdies, I'd have to do that with every site it blocks - and it even stopped me going to an Adobe page to download Adobe Reader, so I can't access my PDF files.

There's no knowing what Nanny will object to, so the best thing would be to get the old b*tch out complteely

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As I suspected, OpenDNS

by glen.harris In reply to Get Parental Control off ...

If you look at the bottom of the you'll see that it is one of their pages.
There are a few of routes you can take from here.
Method A would be to create your own openDNS account and attach your public IP to it and turn off filtering. You can do this by visiting their site and signing up for the opendns home (not the vip) option.
I guess you'll automatically then be signed in (I signed up many years ago). Click Dashboard (near the top) and then settings. You should be able to add your public IP as one of YOUR networks (your IP will be shown at the very top of the page, white text on grey background).
You can then choose your network in the "settings for" dropdown. Here you can choose your level of filtering including an option for 'None'. Once this is set it'll take effect on all of their servers in less than 10 minutes.
You'll need to clear your dns cache as the computer remembers where to send traffic destined for a specific domain name. This is easier to do than it sounds, just type "ipconfig /flushdns", without the quotation marks, into either the run box (win key + R) or command prompt.
Method B: Ask google "what is my IP address". Just below the search box it'll tell you "your public ip address is .....". Write down the IP address. Switch off your router for at least half an hour, or better still before you go to bed. Hopefully it'll drop your current IP address and pick up a different one once switched back on. Ask google what your IP address is again and hopefully it'll have changed. If it has your problem should have gone away, if it hasn't, you'll have to use a different method.
Plan C, Part 1: Here goes. This will involve getting rid of open DNS. The setting could be in one of a couple of places. If it is in your Windows configuration you can sort of follow the instructions on this website. . If it is configured here, when you get to step 6 you'll see and entered as the DNS IPs. If they aren't there, don't bother going any further, If they are, change the settings to "obtain dns settings automatically" or enter the IPs of another service (google dns and You don't need to go any further than step 6 on that page.
Plan C, Part 2: If nothing so far has worked, we're down to configuring the router. This is where my instructions will get really patchy as this will vary between manufacturers and models. Typically you can get to the router settings by typing or into your browser. If these fail type "ipconfig" into the command line and look for the numbers next to default gateway. This will be the IP you need to type into the browser.
Hunt around for the DNS settings and change them to the google ones ( or You may need to do some research on your model of router for the default passwords etc.

Good luck & please do let us know how you get on.

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