Get rid of little scroll bar associated with cursor

By muchtested ·
I'm using XP Pro on a Gateway laptop and the little cursor scroll bar is very annoying and out of my control, I've gone through the Control Panel and didn't find anything that seems to remove this feature. Thank you for any help I may be given.

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Sorry, I'm not quite with you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Get rid of little scroll ...

When you say "the little cursor scroll bar" can you be more specific ? I don't quite get what you mean.

Where is this scroll bar ?

If you mean the one that sits on the side of a browser window, why would you want to get rid of it ?

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Could you be more ..

Specific. Are you meaning in a word document or on the desktop? Just need more to go on.
Why would you want to Disable/delete get rid of the scroll bar?

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Maybe this will clear it up

by muchtested In reply to Could you be more ..

No, it is not the regular scroll bar that is the problem. When I'm moving the cursor on a page not only when on the Internet, a tiny scroll device with up and down arrows appears and causes the page to zoom up or down to the top or bottom. This is independent of what I may want to do with the page. It is not malware or spyware nor have I downloaded any program that should change the cursor in this manner. It seems to be directly related to XP Pro as another computer I have has XP Media and it doesn't happen there.

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Click your Mouse Wheel ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Maybe this will clear it ...

That'll switch it Off / On / Off / On.

This facility is generally viewed as a luxury.

You've just turned it on without realising it.

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I have a touchpad

by muchtested In reply to Click your Mouse Wheel ! ...

Thank you, but I don't have a mouse connected to this computer.

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Thank you - I've found a solution

by muchtested In reply to Get rid of little scroll ...

Thanks to everyone who replied, I made an adjustment that seems to have worked.

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"I made an adjustment" ... Huh ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you - I've found a ...

What adjustment ?

It may have escaped your notice but TechRepublic is based on Questions & Answers.

If you have figured out the answer to the problem you originally posted with, you should at least share the answer with us! :)

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Yes some people..

Are funny like that. They come on here to pick peoples brains and when they find the answer them selfs they tend to disappear. mmmmm.

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Charlatans and Snake-oil merchants ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes some people..

Get an answer, claim it as their own, then bugger-off!


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It didn't work completely

by muchtested In reply to Get rid of little scroll ...

It was very late when I posted that something appeared to work but I didn't have the chance to try out all my programs to see if it had worked for all of them then.

When I tested today, the problem recurred in some of my programs but not others so that wasn't the proper solution.

I don't see a reason for these attacks against me. I was not going to post an untested procedure nor one that doesn't completely solve the problem.

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