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Get the WAN IP address from the command line?

By Healer ·
This laptop of mine I am working on connected to the Internet through a router that connected to a cable modem with the ISP.

From the Netgear gateway I can see an IP address to connect the device in Remote Management. I wonder if that is the IP address of my router from the outside world, the Internet.

Is there some way I can verify that? I use ipconfig /all but do not see through the router. I remember if my memory serves me right I could see the WAN IP address if my computer connected directly to the modem.

I ask for this because I want to test remote desktop connection over the Internet and I suppose I need the WAN IP address.

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Yes a router

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to nmap -A result

Yes indeed its a router belong to your ISP.
It seems that your ISP use private IPs to connect all his customers to the internet and let you all go out with one public IP or a small pool of IPs.

So, you will never be able to connect to your Router or your PC from the internet.

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I am not sure.

by Healer In reply to Unless

Don't we need an IP address or a domain name for using tracert?

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Yup, but

by IC-IT In reply to I am not sure.

it lists the hops, so depending on how the ISP sets up their modem you may or may not see it.
Of course if you have a router also, you could look at the config page.

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reply to I am not sure.

by rethu In reply to I am not sure.

it's not necessary to have both ip address and domain name to get ip details .You can find the ip details with any one either domain name or ip address.Use this site to get ip details.

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Try this...

by strast In reply to Get the WAN IP address fr ...
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Get the WAN IP address from the command line?

by dsnew In reply to Get the WAN IP address fr ...

Hello this is DS,
If u know how to get the WAN ip address from cmd then please ignore this if u dono then this is a good method upto my knowledge bcz i found this on my own ..

first u must know that any windows or linux doesn't has any program to get the public ip or wan ip so if u want to find wap ip address without any software or visting any ip address is
step :1 --->FInd out ur modem or router IP
|---->to do so enter in to cmd then ipconfig,u will get
IP Address............
Subnet Mask.........
Default Gateway....
like this but the numbers may differ ,so copy or note down Default Gateway(

Step:2--->now in cmd..enter as telnet
u will get as

Microsoft telnet> now u enter as shown below o -->open ,and default gateway
Microsoft telnet>o
it will show
ADSL Router
--->so u need to enter ur modem or router login details if u dono it will be @ bottom of the modem...
--->usually it will be Login:admin and password same "admin"
some times id as "admin" password as "pass"
after entering the details,
Step:3--->now enter as "wan show"
>wan show
Step:4--->u will get ip address that is ur WAN ip address or ip address given by ISP (public ip)

Note:1:If there is any easy method then please post and this is using command prompt

Note: 2:U can also do this easily by entering the default gateway in browser (
it will ask for Login id and password enter it
in the page what u get there will be WAN IP ADDRESS u got it ..:)

Thank you

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