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"Getting Gouged by Geeks", a Hidden Camera News Report

By Jaqui ·
This does not look good for the industry at all.

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Did you ever doubt it?

by JamesRL In reply to "Getting Gouged by Geeks" ...

I've gone in to clean up the mess or solve something they didn't on numerous occasions.

And I don't consider myself an expert - haven't been since I started project management 12 years ago.


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by Jaqui In reply to Did you ever doubt it?

but having a national news broadcast on it will cause a lot more suspicion and make it harder on those who do know what they are doing.

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I was more disturbed by this

by JamesRL In reply to Nope

I know there isn't much there, but I watched that episode.

Woman has a problem with her laptop, takes it in to be repaired, they replace it instead. Another person buys the repaired laptop and finds that they never wiped the drive - it has all the original customers data on it.


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I know someone who took their system to

by w2ktechman In reply to I was more disturbed by t ...

CompUSA to get a RAM chip installed. They determined that he had a HDD problem as well, and told him to just 'buy a new computer'. If he bought one there, they would 'free of charge' set it up and transfer his data to it.

Also knew someone that took a non booting system to Fry's Electronics. After holding the unit for 4 months, they claimed to have replaced everything except the 'special' proprietary modem. When they finally returned it, it still did not function. He took it back, and they held it until 3 days after the warranty expired and told him he was out of luck unless he wanted to pay for hourly rates to fix the problem. He complained for 3 weeks, picked up his system and called IBM. IBM said that they had only had warranty work on it for the power supply and RAM, no other parts (invoice shows motherboard, HDD, RAM, PS, Processor, LAN card, Sound Card, etc...). That raised a bit of a stink. Over the phone, he convinced IBM that he was certain it was the MB and he would install it himself. 2 days later he had shipped to him, a new MB and the system worked fine.

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That is

by Jaqui In reply to I was more disturbed by t ...

along the same line, incompetent techs.

ANY competent tech would have wiped the drive and reinstalled completely to make sure all confidential data was removed.

side note:
a dumptster diver brought an old p3 system by the other day, someone bought it, [ for $2.00 ]
The 30 Gig hard drive is sitting right here, I haven't looked at it yet. The case has a security company's name on it. wanna bet they didn't wipe the drive? ]:)

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Unfortunately, nothing new.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "Getting Gouged by Geeks" ...

PC Magazine did a story on these services a couple of years ago. They had little complimentary to say about the quality of either their telephone support or their in-home service.

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true, but

by Jaqui In reply to Unfortunately, nothing ne ...

CBC is the "Big Boy" on the block for Canadian business news, the report will make it harder for those who do know what they are doing here in Canada.

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1 beef with it

by w2ktechman In reply to "Getting Gouged by Geeks" ...

First, replacing the part and identifying correctly. What was the issue? That the parts costed more than they could be found online?

When were the parts purchased that were used? It may have cost more if they kept them in stock, and had them for a few months. Looking at current online prices, and the cheapest at that does not mean that the extra $20 (in 1 case) was a rip off.

The news was blowing up these instances as if it were a major thing. They cot it fixed right, and the cost was not incredibly high. And they didnt have to pay shipping or wait a few days/week for the part to come in.

This part of it was really just to slam on IT techs.

However, the outcome of the rest is alarming. I would have expected much higher ratings than that myself.

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Gee, nice unbiased reporting?

by jdclyde In reply to "Getting Gouged by Geeks" ...

I don't think so.

First point is the "experts" that they got to intentionally try to make techs look like crooks or incompetent were giving some bad advice themselves.

To say you would NOT backup the users data before trying to do a system restore? Are you NUTS?

To complain about price markup? First, the correct part is selected, Second it is brought to your home, Third, it is installed. Hello? If it was so simple, the users would all "just buy it on line for this amount".

But the general population (in Canada) is clearly gullible enough to buy it!

Are there crooked techs? Of course, just like EVERY field, there are worthless people. I would venture there is a higher percentage of bad reporters than bad techs. B-)

Of course my post to the article will probably never make it on to the site because I specifically said just that..... ;\

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But JD- You've just made Jaqui's point

by Tig2 In reply to Gee, nice unbiased report ...

Regardless of the truth or lack of it, ALL techs end up tarred by the brush.

Where I live, Geek Squad has the worlds worst reputation. You don't even need to be A+ certified to work for them, they don't require warranty certs, and if you apply to them and HAVE those certs, they don't want you because "you're a bit more technical than we're looking for". Huh???

And unfortunately, the one shop that correctly diagnosed the problem and provided information on how to fix it themselves, was accurately portrayed but won't be remembered.

I fight this kind of FUD every time the news runs a half baked story about breast cancer. Remember the one about "Drinking alcohol will give you breast cancer?" I had people calling and emailing over that one.

Let's face it- FUD sells and sells big. And the media doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.

The reality of computers has become more pervasive in the general market. The KNOWLEDGE of computers has not- not nearly enough.

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