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Global warming is real, and caused by humans.

By Absolutely ·
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"Hurricanes are born in the warm waters of the tropical Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which are both getting warmer. Over the 20th century, ocean surface temperatures increased by between 0.32 degrees Celsius in the Pacific tropical region and 0.67 degrees C in the Atlantic tropical region. This has correlated with a twofold increase in category-4 and -5 hurricanes over the last 30 years (ScienceNOW, 17 August). Some researchers maintain that these changes in sea surface temperature (SST) are within the natural variability of climate. Others say that the human-caused climate change is the culprit.

"To figure out just how much people are to blame, atmospheric scientist Ben Santer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and colleagues compared observed SSTs with the predictions of 22 global climate models. They ran the different models under various physical scenarios, including changes in solar irradiance, volcanic eruptions, and increased sulfate aerosols and greenhouse gas emissions. Only model simulations that included the known human-caused increases in greenhouse gases replicated the observed rise in SST. In total, the team found an 84% probability that two-thirds of the observed temperature changes were caused by human activities. "There is no way of explaining the observed increases without positing a large human impact on these ocean temperatures," Santer says."

Maxwell, don't even start with your BS about political bias: Ben USED the competing models, and they all FAIL to account for the measured change. Address the science, or STFU, please.

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Quit bickering, kids, or you're both grounded with no bicycles for a week!

by Absolutely In reply to Why

Like any fashion, there is a point when "weirdos" reach a critical mass and become "trend-setters". The more a "green" lifestyle can be portrayed as apolitical, arbitrary, and/or frivolous, the more likely it will "catch on".

[edit: your -> you're]

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by puppybreath In reply to Quit bickering, kids, or ...

if you take away my bike, how will I do my shopping? Are YOU going to get my groceries for me?

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You claim to be green.

by Absolutely In reply to Quit bickering, kids, or ...
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by Oz_Media In reply to Only 227 thousand people

You've got a long way to go here before you realize those are not even remotely close to being personal insults thrown at you.

You raised the same question evertyone else does that doesn't want to be personally responsible and take personal action.

THAT is the problem. If you do take action yourself and follow good guidelines to lower emissions, reduce driving by buying locally etc. Then all the power to you, why even raise the question then?

the point it, you stated the common "what about everyone else" comment, lead..dont' follow, that's the difference.

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Global warming up, insults

by local support In reply to Insults?

I would not think to insult anyone of you.

In about 500 years, we we would not recognize the Earth as we see it today.

I will be gone in 20 years from now, and I aint got no children.

Does not mean I don't care though.

\Local Support

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I admire your optimism OZ...

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Insults?

But I think I'd have to take Puppy's side on this. I don't have the faith in human nature that you do, perhaps. People don't drive (close to) the speed limit because it is the considerate, safe thing to do, they do it because they don't want to pay the fines. 1/4 million (+/-) may in fact be (relatively) philanthropic, and choose to recycle, drive economic cars, etc..., but the other many billions of people aren't going to pay more to recycle witout some 'incentive'.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Insults?

You mean like, the planet that we live upon will not be able to sustain human life if we continue on the current path?

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You'd think that would be enough.

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Insults?

But I don't think most people think beyond next weekend, much less next month, next year, or next decade. There is no instant graticifcation in saving the planet so our kids will have someplace nice to play (Like I said, I admire your optimism. You have more confidence in humantiy than I do at his point).

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Ooh Ooh... I know...

by Jellimonsta In reply to So now what?

Let's put an additional 50c on all gas prices per gallon, that is contributed to scientific means for finding alternate fuel sources, or other means of 'green' energy!!

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Don't think so

by Oz_Media In reply to Ooh Ooh... I know...

the rich woul dcontinue to drive gas guzzling machines and the poor woul dbe crammed onto buses. Therefore the richer get a care free life while the poor pay for it?

Wouldn't work.

Yes, I know you weren't serious, even you aren't THAT dumb.

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