Gmail and MS Updates

By luv2bike2 ·
one of my users has a laptop for himself and a desktop for his wife, on a wireles home network. when MS comes out with updates they download and install with no problem however the desktop has a problem when accessing Gmail, none of the messages show up.
the laptop can access Gmail with no problem. What he does (which is not good), is uninstall the MS Updates on the desktop, than his wife can access Gmail.
I told him to check his firewall settings in Windows (control panel and in services) to make sure there is no conflict with the firewall that is running on his wireless router. I gave him instructions on how to get to services and this morning he said his OS is different, so he could not check the Services. He could not tell me what it was (98 or XP) LOL. any way, has anyone ever had this problem and knows what can be done. Having his desktop not up to date with MS updates is not good but that is the only way his wife can access Gmail.


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note: inform Microsoft support of which one

by CG IT In reply to conside this post closed

causes the problem. I know many companies that still use Windows 2000 Pro for desktops and they don't have a problem so even though Windows 2000 isn't supported, Microsoft ought to know which update is causing the problem.

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I will contact Microsoft

by luv2bike2 In reply to note: inform Microsoft s ...

with which one of the Updates is causing the issue.
Thank you CG.

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I'm offended !! - You just called me a "person" !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to conside this post closed

"if "bloke" is not naming calling than explain to me what he (the person who wrote it in the first place), meant."

Noun: bloke blowk

1. A boy or man
...."he's a good bloke"

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Noun: person (people, persons) pursun

1. A human being
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WELL - I'm really offended that you went way over the top and called me a person!! :^0

I suggest you get a life - and while you're out getting it, get yourself a dictionary as well !! :^0

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RE: "i will work on the pc myself" ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to conside this post closed

"i will work on the pc myself, uninstall ms updates from May 2009 to present and install one at a time and check Gmail to see when the messages start to NOT show up"

So, you're gonna install ALL the updates one at a time, from May 2009 are ya?

HINT: Why 'May 2009'? Why not June, July, August, September, or October?

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It may pay to check what other software is installed here

by OH Smeg In reply to conside this post closed

You could have a good old Software Conflict occurring between some installed Software and 1 M$ Patch that causes this to occur.

Quite often when you get a Software Conflict occurring the results defy logic and they always have no relation to the Software that is causing the conflict.

Games are very good for doing things like this and it's conceivable that they could affect a Firewall and cause something like this to happen.

Though the last time I ran into one of these it was a odd Video Player that was causing the problem.


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