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Gmail more space

By rob_serve ·
Gmails disk space per user is now 2050 MB- over 2 GIGS of hard drive space on the Internet for you basically!! This is great. Why are people still using hotmail when there is a less cluttered, fast, reliable, unobtrusive advertising email programme in the form of GMAIL!! Its great

head of marketting at Google UK

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A jerk of any kind is still a jerk.

by deepsand In reply to I didn't buy it

Send them all back to alt.flame.*.

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WHO;s being the jerk here?

by Oz_Media In reply to A jerk of any kind is sti ...

You had your say, you flamed someone's post and read into it what wasn't there.

Again, don't follow suiot of some of the losers who went from worthwhile dialogue to finger pointing and hissy fits over nothing.

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So, I should have assumed he was being untruthful?

by deepsand In reply to WHO;s being the jerk here ...

Where were my manners when I accepted him at face value.

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No you shouldn't

by Oz_Media In reply to WHO;s being the jerk here ...

But in the same sense you think others will do just that due to the opinion YOU have formed, instead of thinking perhaps others have seen a side of him portrayed that YOU didn't?

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by deepsand In reply to WHO;s being the jerk here ...

Quite frankly, I'm befuddled by that.

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by Wildcat0695 In reply to Gmail more space

It is still in beta and by invite only. Google did open to some more people, but that open window only lasted a little while. That's why, besides changing email addresses can be like moving a house, people are not rushing to it.

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by Prana7 In reply to Dude

i rather wait till the beta is out. also I d like to see how it runs in the future. i know that gmail have alot of storage for email etc,.

let s see

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WHy wait

by Oz_Media In reply to wait

GMail doesn't have to be your one source of email, it's great for storage too. I use it to store and let people download files from, as opposed to trying to send 12 megs by email.

I have my personal acocunt elsewhere as well as a smaller online account for web site registration (like TR) etc.

GMail also offers POP's so you can keep your mail together. But why use a piddly online service when you can use a fat one?

Hotmail is just a farce, always has been. It's like newbies use it for hacking 101 classes, same as Yahoo mail. Why NOT try something new in that case? Nobody said you have to change your world, I jumped in just to secure three or four user names that will be gone once it is more widely available. If I use them now or in two years doesn't matter, I still have them.

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by Prana7 In reply to WHy wait

i havent register that gmail since. if you invite me to sign up for gmail. i will play around and see how it s going?

dont you mind?

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I'm all out

by Oz_Media In reply to true

I gave away my last batch to friends in UK, but if more pop up, as they seem to at random, I will definitely make note of your post and send one to you. YOu will need peer sontact available or an email addy, just don't post it here complete, use AT instead of @ so you don't get spam.

user AT

EDIT: as it turns out all of my Gmail acocunts DO have 50 invites per account again. Just peer-mail me with your email address and I'll forward one to you.

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