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Gmail more space

By rob_serve ·
Gmails disk space per user is now 2050 MB- over 2 GIGS of hard drive space on the Internet for you basically!! This is great. Why are people still using hotmail when there is a less cluttered, fast, reliable, unobtrusive advertising email programme in the form of GMAIL!! Its great

head of marketting at Google UK

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NO message, I double posted

by Oz_Media In reply to true
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Two Years

by Wildcat0695 In reply to WHy wait

Gmail will dactivate accounts that are just dormant. I am a user now and was so when I made my posting. Some people are scared of beta testing.

I have moved to Gmail and will not be going back.

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Not rushing to it

by Oz_Media In reply to Dude

A few months back, people started offering Gmail accounts here. THe thread was so busy it was inmanageable. People were getting tonnes of invites here and every new user did too. Once the word got out to other areas of the internet, TR signups SOARED, as everyone wanted in on teh GMail accounts. We (those offering invites) ended up dealing with only those who had some long term interest in TR, those that had been here a year or so as there were just too many requests to keep up with.

My Gmail has been excellent, fast, HUGE, reliable and now has a lot of new features that put it on a par with other clients. I transfer large files to Europe, thus I can do so with GMail (12MB per attachment) and when they can't receive large attachments on the other end, they can just log into one of MY GMail accounts and download the file from there.

GMail at one time had more than 2 million requests in a long waiting list for invites, there's no possible way you can qualify saying "people are not ruching to it" because they are, in fact they are rushing in great hoards.

As fo rthe open window, it keep opening, I get a dozen invites on three accounts, once I give them up, I see 50 more. Then a week later, no more invites for a while.

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Hush about the Rush

by montanasings In reply to Dude

I, too, bought into the G-Mail hype, but I'm glad I did. I actually bought several invitations off eBay! After I set up a few accounts, I realized that I wasted my money (total of 2.42); most of the accounts self-generated the opportunity to invite more people anyway.
So why the Hush?
As Dude said, it's still in Beta form, though I've only seen a few times I could not log on.
Why no Rush?
That puzzled me!
I was so excited about getting pretty much any screen name I wanted since it was still new-ish I figured all my e-buddies would flock to this; at least use it as storage.
But, I had two people who actually set up an account and use it.
Personally, I'm using it to grab a few key names I use in my business, and for the archiving ability in case my Hard Drive crashes. Nothing sensitive is stored, but I do have a novel I've been editing... hate to lose that!
I listen to and they've been rather quite for a few months about G-mail after the initial rush. I always wondered why...

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Sorry to hear it

by Oz_Media In reply to Hush about the Rush

Sorry to hear you ended up paying for an invite, that is obviously an issue with very unethical money hungry netiots who prey on eBay.

I think the hype was created BY the users, and by the internet. Just like most propganda and crap we hear during wars that is all fabricated hype by the media.

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by bluemason In reply to Gmail more space

Well, even though gmail gives you lots of storage, I dispise their way of displaying messages.

I am a fan of folders to sort my material, not having them all displayed... I guess I am a creature of habit and since 99% of what I store is categorized into folders, I don't care for the gmail way.

Incidently, yahoo offers free unlimited storage of photos - a much more usefull feature than having a 2G webmail account.

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Some illusions you have

by Oz_Media In reply to

A more flexible filing system

The old way

You create an elaborate filing system of folders and subfolders, then decide where to file a single message.

The Gmail way

Instead of folders, Gmail uses labels to give you the functionality of folders, but with more flexibility. In Gmail, a single conversation can have several labels, so you're not forced to choose one particular folder for each message you receive. That way, if a conversation covers more than one topic, you can retrieve it with any of the labels that you've applied to it. And, of course, you can always search for it.

The search feature walks all over Yahoo mail.

SECURITY: So far, GMail is not a lesson found in "Hacking Online Email 101". Whereas Yahoo and Hotmail are the number one hacks for newbies learning how to hack online email.
Most 12 year olds these days can grab your Yahoo or Hotmal password and enter your account in minutes.

GMail offers full HTML and rich text formatting.

GMail uses Picasa Googles online photo album that includes email resizing to make smaller files for other email recipients and it can be used to send up to 10 Megs of photos from up to 2 GIG's of stored photos.

Sure you can STORE your photos on Yahoo, but how many megs can you send to someone? How is Yahoo's photo storage considered "a much more usefull feature than having a 2G webmail account"?

You can have 2 GIGs of 'organized' photos on GMail with a viewer/album manager to sort them.

Perhaps you haven't looked at GMail recently? Perhaps you haven't even TRIED GMail?
If you want one, I have invites just leave your addy, but use AT instead of @ to reduce your chances of web crawler spam.

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I agree

by faith_michele In reply to Some illusions you have

Right on....anyone that doesn't like gmail must not have tried it lately.

The search feature is great, you can even search contacts.

It also has a spell checker.


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I too have some to give.

by tbragsda In reply to

Anyone looking for a invite, I have some.


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by advancedgeek In reply to I too have some to give.

You have selected not to be when i try to contact you it won't lemma!

I suppose you need my email account to be able to invite me so it is:

ryanallenknight AT yahoo .com

thanks bro!

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