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Go to work during bad weather?

By MirrorMirror ·
With the start of winter, our CEO sent out an e-mail to everyone in the company stating, "With the winter weather upon us, it is a good time to remind everyone of the inclement weather policy. XYZ Company will be open, even during bad weather. It is up to you as to whether you can come to work, based on the road conditions near your home. If you have any questions, please see your immediate supervisor."

I live and work in Texas. If any of you know anything about Texas and winter weather, you know that we usually get ice rather than snow here. And, we are not equipped to clear roads. The topper is that there are a lot of stupid drivers in Texas who like to think that they can drive 65 on ice. I have no intentions on being on the road with these idiots.

If I am reading the company policy correctly, this means that I am required to get on the road during snow or ice with these idiots because the company will be open. When I talked to my co-workers, they acted like there was something wrong with me for stating that I would not come in during any icy weather. Am I the only one?

What do you do during inclement weather? Go to work or stay home?

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And still worse...

by KaceyR In reply to on the other hand

I was born and raised in Southern California, I've lived in Virginia and Yokota Japan, and now I live in western Washington (State, not DC).

It's been my experience that drivers in and around Virginia and Washington DC come from all over, and tend to be wary of other drivers when the weather gets bad. This leads to more cautious driving.

In southern California it's more like the drivers are hanging out the window trying to figure out what happened to the sky.

But worse still is western Washington! People here get rain from a drizzle to a flood-creating downpour for 8-10 months of the year. We get icy roads, snow, sleet, random hailstorms, thunder & lightning, torrential downpours,... you name it, we get it. Unfortunately there seems to be this idea that "if I drive fast enough, I'll get there before any of the idiots get on the road".

The only time I don't go into work is when the building is closed. Regardless of the weather. If I have some work that I can perform off-site, great. If I can VPN in, great. Usually neither is available for various reasons, but that's just the way it goes.

My advice is to use your own judgement as to going in or not, and if you don't go in and have no other options, accept that you'll take some kind of hit (a vacation day, sick leave, or even lost pay). That's life.

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by apotheon In reply to I'm perfect, everyone els ...

Why are you flying off the handle at house? I didn't see him say anything to warrant this response. The preceding post was not, as far as I could tell, in the least contentious or acrimonious.

Try assuming the best of people where possible in online discussion. It's too easy to mistake someone's meaning online, particularly if you're in a bad mood. Relax. Don't get all stressed out. Try to live past forty. You don't need to die young from a heart attack.

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Take a valium

by shorne In reply to I'm perfect, everyone els ...

Jeez buddy, are you having a bad day or what? The comment by House wasn't even close to your interpretation. Perhaps the weather is affecting your mood.
Be happy!

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does that chip come with syrup

by ArthurP In reply to I'm perfect, everyone els ...

No - Pity ... it might just sweeten you up a little ... No lose it ...

Life is simple, There are those of us who are professionals and those who are passengers, who are along for the salary and will do the minimum, whilst making the maximum noise whinging.

I don't expect anyone to risk life of limb trying to get to work ... but they do every day ... if the weather is bad - more than a couple of flakes with ice - then make the judgement call and be truthful.

Now get off you mother's lap and join the realworld, where we don't wrap you in a comfort blanket, and give you milk and cookies.

The great thing about being an adult, is the willingness to accept the consequences of your actions

If you don't like it ... tough, I'm allowed an opinion & this is mine


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Bucky is that you???

by ProtiusX In reply to I'm perfect, everyone els ...

Did you move and change your handle? Are you his brother?

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Re: I'm perfect

by vltiii In reply to I'm perfect, everyone els ...

How do you know he's being dishonest? There are people that do just what he said he does, and he did qualify his comments by stating it was only a brief drive. Inclement weather is a way of life in Canada which means that they adapt. Perhaps there have been days when he didn't show up for whatever reason, but it's sad that you have to take the strictest application of his words to develop your argument. And, fyi... it's not comments like his that are driving this thread. This thread is being driven by posters expressing differences of opinions on what grounds an employee should not report to work. Lighten up! Every single thread at this sight ends up one way or another with personal attacks being thrown back and forth.

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YEah what he said!

by Oz_Media In reply to I always show up!

Actually I just finished saying prety much the same thing you did. ICY roads? WAAAAAAH! Take a friggin BUS! NO BUS, leave early and walk? Too far? Too bad!

I suggested he worked in Winnipeg for year, Texas will seem like a dream on an icy day.

I lived in NOva Scotia, yup LOTS OF SNOW!! If nobody went to work on a bad day, the entire province would be shut down for 5-7 months a year.

Sure I'd take a day off on a REALLY bad day, usually to finish splitting the wood I procrastinated about all summer. :)

The world is becoming inindated with Pu**ies, whine about work being outsourced when they have a certification and only ONE opportunity to make it in life, money being less, driving on a bad day the list goes on and on, one guy a few posts back even said he wouldn't take transit because the bus smells! Now THERE's a model employee anyone would want on the payroll.

Nobody owes you an easy ride, why complain when you don't get one?

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Thanks Oz!

by house In reply to YEah what he said!

Thanks Oz. You know, I'm a pretty laid back guy, but that guy pissed me off. What's his problem anyways.

I have "the mind of management"? Sounds good to me. Did he intend it as an insult? I take pride in my professional manner, and I don't call in sick unless I'm half dead.

I think I've called in only a couple of times in my whole life.

I can judge someone's work ethic within their first week. These mouthy losers wouldn't last a day.

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I dunno bout that mate!

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks Oz!

I used to call in, or just not show up, if I had a hangover or was late home the night before, especially if breakfast was being cooked.

But anyone does that on MY watch and they're fired, Trump style.

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Pretty Much

by ND_IT In reply to YEah what he said!

That is the way it is here. If we had a bad "snow" day, the entire state would be shut down. Our employer policy is that if there is not travel advised in the area in which you live, you are not obligated to come in. Most extreme cases, the company will be closed if the schools and in some cases the interstates are closed. Those are usually in blizzard like conditions with lots of blowing snow and poor visibility, where you can't even see the front of your car, which I was stupid enough try once. Not a good idea.

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