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Go to work during bad weather?

By MirrorMirror ·
With the start of winter, our CEO sent out an e-mail to everyone in the company stating, "With the winter weather upon us, it is a good time to remind everyone of the inclement weather policy. XYZ Company will be open, even during bad weather. It is up to you as to whether you can come to work, based on the road conditions near your home. If you have any questions, please see your immediate supervisor."

I live and work in Texas. If any of you know anything about Texas and winter weather, you know that we usually get ice rather than snow here. And, we are not equipped to clear roads. The topper is that there are a lot of stupid drivers in Texas who like to think that they can drive 65 on ice. I have no intentions on being on the road with these idiots.

If I am reading the company policy correctly, this means that I am required to get on the road during snow or ice with these idiots because the company will be open. When I talked to my co-workers, they acted like there was something wrong with me for stating that I would not come in during any icy weather. Am I the only one?

What do you do during inclement weather? Go to work or stay home?

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by vltiii In reply to We're held over a barrel ...

It's sad that you think that way. We always have options. As long as you believe that is true you will always be under your employers thumb.

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a question

by apotheon In reply to Re:

Why do you (almost) always post with "Re:" as your posts title? It makes it somewhat difficult to place a message in context within a given discussion, at times.

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apotheon Re: A question

by vltiii In reply to Re:

I use "re" as the title of my post partly because I see some many posters use their title as the first sentence in their post and it's quite redundant to read the same thing twice. Also, the threads are generally about a single topic, so I assume that everyone reading the thread knows what the topic is. I actually don't know why TechRepublic allows topics considering this format. The other part is that it was so much easier. However, in response to your post, I will try to make my titles more specific.

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to: vltiii

by apotheon In reply to Re:

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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by vltiii In reply to Simply damned if you do o ...

Since your aware of lawsuits in this Democrat driven sue everybody society, why didn't you consider legal action for not being compensated for the extra hours you spent on the job working.

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Cuz, stupid...

by Consumer007 In reply to Re:

Cuz, see...uh, if I mention lawsuit, rich *** Republican fatcat moneybags hire lawyer after firing me, making me pay their court costs, and taking my home, car, etc. so I'll have to take out 401k loan, oh, sorry, can't do that, they raided the 401k fund before I left...silly me.

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Define Stupid

by Eric In reply to Cuz, stupid...

Weather was the topic.... not the Greed of companies. Are you that much of a stupid sheep to think that it is a Republican/Democrat issue? Think for yourself, greed affects anyone who is attracted to shiny things. If you are working for a company that has priorities that do not line up to yours, Change. A man without fear can do anything he sets his mind to do.

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by vltiii In reply to Cuz, stupid...

ahhh... a true democrat. When you can't support your argument, resort to name calling. Very effective! Well, if the Republicans are so powerful, they must be doing something right. You, on the otherhand with you misplaced sense of entitlement, well...

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Move over Bucky! Now there's something meatier!

by ProtiusX In reply to Cuz, stupid...

Sorry I couldn't resist. One question for you there mate: When did you become such a nutbar?

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Texas is strange weather compared to other places

by Raymond W. In reply to Well,

I use to work at the Fort Worth GD/Lockheed plant and lived about 15 miles away.

I was unable to get out of my driveway due to an ice storm making the roads so slick that I was unable to drive, and the only way I got back in the garage was to sand the road and driveway so I could drive back in (there are no plow services in the working class residential areas). At work they had dry ground, but my boss put me down for weather since I was not a leave abuser.

My last winter there, I left home on dry ground and half way to work hit half an inch of ice so clear you could see the road. Took over an hour to go the remaining 3 miles on the freeway. Most of those who called in took weather, some of us left early to beat the rush and took weather. I recall a stink being made about using weather, but it stayed (some of the management did not live in the affected areas and were off?).

In the rules at GD/Lockheed there was a blurb about using weather leave if conditions require, but like sick leave, if you use it they get upset since all that type of leave that is unused is said to be a bonus for upper management at the end of the year.

It boils down to what the rules say, how greedy management is, what is considered bad conditions, and if the company takes proof of hazard as a valid excuse. I understand some places do not consider your home weather a factor, just what is around the work place and if the boss in his HUMVEE gets to work, then your Ford Escort should too. Here in Utah we do not have the sheet ice, and the plows are very good, so it is extremely rare we have weather days.

Does not really answer the question, but then an answer by a worker trying to survive would be different than from a boss who depends on the profit you are using to take weather. After all, considering the way workers have been laid off/hired over the past 10 years, you are replaceable, the weather leave money is not.

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