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Go to work during bad weather?

By MirrorMirror ·
With the start of winter, our CEO sent out an e-mail to everyone in the company stating, "With the winter weather upon us, it is a good time to remind everyone of the inclement weather policy. XYZ Company will be open, even during bad weather. It is up to you as to whether you can come to work, based on the road conditions near your home. If you have any questions, please see your immediate supervisor."

I live and work in Texas. If any of you know anything about Texas and winter weather, you know that we usually get ice rather than snow here. And, we are not equipped to clear roads. The topper is that there are a lot of stupid drivers in Texas who like to think that they can drive 65 on ice. I have no intentions on being on the road with these idiots.

If I am reading the company policy correctly, this means that I am required to get on the road during snow or ice with these idiots because the company will be open. When I talked to my co-workers, they acted like there was something wrong with me for stating that I would not come in during any icy weather. Am I the only one?

What do you do during inclement weather? Go to work or stay home?

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I've been there

by Bob B. In reply to Texas is strange weather ...

This ambiguous message from you employer kind of goes hand in hand with the old "all key personnel must report to work". Has anyone ever seen a list of "key personnel"? I always made it to work never wanting to be considered "non-key".

I worked in Texas for a while and you're right about the ice storms and idiot drivers. I really like the people with the SUV's who think it's a good idea to use 4-wheel drive on icy roads. Hmmm...what a great idea; now I've got 4 wheels spinning...pure genius!

Here?s my favorite inclement Texas weather story. The first day of work at one new job, we had a huge ice storm and I didn't have any contact numbers, so I drove to work after having to turn around at one point and get a chain saw to remove some trees that had blocked the road and when I got there the one guy who did make it in asked if I was crazy. I said, "You're here aren't you?" He said, "I live across the street, I walked here."

I grew up in MA and have lived in VA so I have lots of experience driving in deep snow, wet snow, dry snow, icy roads, etc. The real key is take it easy; not too fast but not too slow so that the road warriors try overtaking you under treacherous conditions. Employers need to realize that there are some people who are just too nervous to drive in bad weather and they should stay home so as not to endanger themselves or others.

My own personal rule-of-thumb is make sure you know how the person that does your reviews feels about staying home during bad weather and if they're a Richard Cranium about it, then I guess you have to do your best to make it in to work.

Good luck!

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Cop out

by dryflies In reply to Well,

I think the crazy driver excuse is a cop out. There are crazy drivers out there all the time no matter where you are. Buy some studded tires or traction tires and get over it. I live in Oregon and we sometimes have what we call a silver thaw where a big sheet of ice lays down over night and in the morning it has a film of water over it. Lots of the crazy drivers wreck on those mornings but by using defensive driving skills I have managed to avoid them for many years

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Not Really...

by jmd10k In reply to Cop out

I live in Dallas and have most of my life. I remember trying to get to work one day and it took 4 hours. I lived 32 miles from work and it took an hour on a normal day, 40-45 minutes without traffic. I was told that the company required that we came in even if the weather was bad. I started in to work and it took 20 minutes to get out of the driveway. I spent the next 4 hours creeping along weaving in and out of accidents and finally made it to work. My boss was upset that it took that long to get to work. I informed him that I didn't care how upset he was, I was going to be safe and since it would probably take me another 4 hours to get home I was leaving. He really didn't like that either, but knew that it was better to have a live employee than to be out looking for a replacement. It only took 2 hours to get home so I used VPN and the called in the next day as a weather day. They said it looked great up there and that I should be able to make it in. Unfortunately I had tried and this time was stuck in the driveway. It turned out that there was a line about 5 miles north of where I was and north of that line was clear while south of it was frozen solid.

I have many friends from up north that are here at school and all have noticed how crazy the drivers are down here. In general, we are not use to the white stuff and the city will almost shutdown if it starts falling. When it accumulates on the ground it turns to solid black ice almost immediately. I don?t blame anyone in the North Texas area who doesn?t get out on the roads when it is nasty out. I don?t even like leaving the house cause you never know when some idiot will loose control and end up in your front yard? true story?lets just say I was with my little brothers and we were trying to build a sleet man since we don?t really get snow down here and boom here comes a loony driver right across our yard.

One other thing, they don't sell studded tires down here, or at least they aren't very common. You only need tires like that 4 or 5 days a year so why go to the added expense.

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ever try driving Oklahoma?

by mrjay67 In reply to Not Really...

Some of you keep talkin about how bad us Texas drivers are but Oklahoma drivers are worse during regualr conditions. Granted Texans may not be ale to navigate ice but I nearly got clipped and ran off the road twice in OK. when conditions were cold out but roads were fine. I was on my way to Kansas during Christmas 03.

On the topic though you just have to play by ear. It will depend on how much you are willing to risk and how strict your job is going to be about it.

back to OK, when i came back into Texas I could spot all the Oklahoma drivers upto almost Dallas. They were usually doing ~90 and ridding veryones a** or cutting them off. Texas drivers didnt do that crap. I give you though that we suck at ICE but because its not common aound here.

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Texas Drivers usually polite from my experience

by Montgomery Gator In reply to ever try driving Oklahoma ...

My experience with Texas Drivers is somewhat limited, but I used to travel frequently to East Texas (from north of Houston to the Red River just west of Louisiana) as part of my previous life as a forester doing consulting work in the early to mid 1990s. I found that the Texas drivers were pretty polite, especially on the 2-lane blacktops. These roads had a paved shoulder in that part of Texas, and slower drivers would pull over and let faster drivers pass. I found the East Texas drivers to be the most polite of any in my travels across Dixie and the Northeastern US. I did not get farther west than Tyler, TX, (did not get beyond the woods and swamps of East Texas) so I can't say anything about Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I barely got into Oklahoma (SE corner), so I can't say much about the Okie drivers.

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by apotheon In reply to Texas Drivers usually pol ...

With my limited experience driving in Texas, I found that people tended to be more polite on the roads there as well. Of course, that doesn't mean they know how to drive in the snow.

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Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

by ProtiusX In reply to Texas Drivers usually pol ...

You should see drivers up here in Seattle. I think all the whacko murderous pinko commie Californians (Myself included although I?m not pink) moved here during the exodus of the 1980?s and now I-5 is a parking lot on most days. People tail-gate which DRIVES ME CRAZY! I keep thinking that it?s my huge Ford F-250 Quad cab extended bed gas guzzling triton V10 that enrages them so they cram there little Coop cars right up on my rear fender. I want to just smash on my brakes but they would probably zoom underneath my truck and smash into the car in front of me and then I would have two insane liberal whackos screaming that they were going to sue me for violating their human rights and over consuming natural resources by driving my truck.

And for those of you who are reading this for the first time. That?s called HUMOR. I do own the truck though. ;o)

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Is that all?

by Oz_Media In reply to Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

Damn, I own my truck AND the roads I drive on!

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Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

by vltiii In reply to Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

I still live in southern California and it hasn't changed a bit. I commute one hour each way to work and I allow a reasonable space between me and the car in front of me. That space must have a vacuum effect because it sucks in other cars. As I look in my rear view mirror someone is always on my tail and I'm constantly wondering if they realize what would happen if I had to hit my brakes. As an example of how bad it had gotten, I was on my way to work last Friday and doing about 80-85 in the fast lane. A cop was behind me which I knew he was there and he was right on my tail. After a few miles of this he flashed his flood lights at me so that I would move into a slower lane at which point he zooms past me. I thought that was pretty funny.

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Yeah right

by lindaniel In reply to Cop out

Being a defensive driver doesn't do diddly when three idiots slide madly into each other, each adding momentum to the metal. You can duck dodge bob and weave all you want but when this mass comes at you, you gonna get crunched. Me, I live in Los Angeles. No snow. But you get three drops of rain on the road and 50% of the drivers forget everything they learned. 40% of the drivers become totally paranoid and slow down to 30% of posted speed limit, becoming road hazzards themselves. The rest of us just hope that 50% doesn't try to dodge around the 40%, slide across the entire highway, take out the semi that then rolls over on your car. Momentum is an ugly thing when you can NOT move out of its way.

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