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Going hunt'en, how about you?

By jdclyde ·
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Well, rifle season is upon us again.

I am a little bummed out that only Thing One is going with me this year. Thing Two is going through "growing issues" and has decided he doesn't WANT to go this year. I am not about to make him, but it sure isn't going to stop me from having a good time.

Got a cabin lined up, so a warm, secure place to watch DVDs, sleep and eat is all set to go.

Will by my bud, myself, and Thing One this year.

Still no snow here in Michigan, and looking at the forecast it doesn't look promising.

Took the boy to the range over the weekend to get Grandpa's old 30-30 sighted in and get him used to handling and shooting it (in that order. safetysafetysafety.) I had to make one adjustment to it because it was shooting high, and then I was knocking out the bullseye at 50 yards. Then was the boys turn, and he was jerking the trigger, so we had to work him through that. by the end, he was getting a pattern about the size of a quarter, but about five inches to the right. I think that is the difference between me shooting right handed and him having to shoot left (he is left-eye dominate).

Heading up Friday night. Got too much going on to make opening day, between his school and my work. Not a big deal, so I took off the following monday to make it a three day weekend. Oh yeah, friday nights is fish fry and sat is prime rib at the local mom/pop restaurant.... mmmmm. Besides that, we make out own.

The next weekend? Got to be home for Thanksgiving ( The boys are stuck with their mother for thanksgiving day, and I will rescue Thing One that night so we can leave first thing Friday morning.

Looking forward to getting out in the woods, and to be able to share this with my boys is a real thrill, and something I never got to do with my own dad (cancer Aug, 1980)

We didn't get to go bow hunting this year because of my shoulder after my accident a few weeks ago. Still can't pull back a bow yet. ( which was a real pain because I have TWO new bows that I have not been able to shoot!)

Will you be hitting the woods this year? Maybe Small game? Bow? Muzzle loading?

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Hard to believe the date on the great ones

by jdclyde In reply to Would that be?

they just seem so timeless, Chuck did them so well.

Too bad everything now is explosions instead of thought and wit...

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