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Going to download Linux

By master3bs ·
I'm going to try it again. Its been a few years since I've really used linux, and I'm about to try it again on some computers here at work.

The problem with open source is I'm overwhelmed with my choices. I used Red Hat before and was happy with it. I've heard good things about mandrake and centos too; but nothing specific.

So for you Linux fans; what flavor(s) do you like and why? I'd be even happier if you tell me why and give a url to download; but I can find it if you don't. Thanks!

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like I said

by master3bs In reply to The reviewers must have b ...

No strong opinions either way.

I love the idea of open source and just figuring out the vast possibilities shows its power. The vast number of possibilities can also be daunting even for experienced techs.

I finally decided that to be a better tech I needed to work on and eventually implement linux.

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We are just playing around

by jmgarvin In reply to like I said

I honestly like to poke at Stress and Apo on their distro choices (and they poke at me).

I'd suggest checking out Fedora, SuSe, or Debian. They are all great distros!

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jmg you might be interested in this distro

by stress junkie In reply to We are just playing aroun ...

I finally decided to use this Sentry Firewall CD for my 366 MHz AMD K6 firewall computer. The computer is equivalent to a Pentium II and it only has 256MB RAM. This is the only distro that could access both my IDE CDROM and my Adaptec AHA1522 SCSI adapter. It has no GUI but it has a lot of network software tools and it runs off of a CDROM. You put your local configuration on a floppy disk. It's really cool.

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Looks very cool

by jmgarvin In reply to jmg you might be interest ...

I'll have to give this a go! I'll probably post a blog about my experience(s) with it....I'm VERY excited!!

Oh and a "multimedia" distribution of Linux:

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might be fun

by apotheon In reply to jmg you might be interest ...

I might take a whack at that one.

I'm probably going to be using OpenBSD for the new firewall at work, though. Everything I've heard about pf for OpenBSD is good, and I like the security focus of the entire OS. It's also convenient that it does things like support S/Key for OPT authentication when using SSH, which is something I'm likely to have to implement in the very near future for Linux laptops to have VPN/remote computing capability in the company.

Yeah, OpenBSD just gets better and better as a router/firewall OS, the more I learn about it.

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I've been tempted to try OpenBSD

by stress junkie In reply to jmg you might be interest ...

or NetBSD or FreeBSD. I guess each has its particular strong points. The only thing that has stopped me is that they are just different enough from Linux that I figured I'd get good at Linux before I got sidetracked. Besides, I also support Solaris and Tru64 so that keeps me busy with similar but different ways of doing the same thing. For instance in Solaris you use the format command to partition a disk, in Tru64 you use the disklabel command and, of course, in Linux you use fdisk or cfdisk. The same is true for RAID setup, cluster setup, and numerous other areas. Then I also support Windoze (except 2003 or AD) and VMS which has nothing comparable to Unix. Staying fluent in all these systems makes my brain hurt.

But the *BSD systems look very good. I think that they don't get the attention or exposure that they deserve.

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I thought so

by master3bs In reply to We are just playing aroun ...

I figured that was some light-hearted banter between you guys. I'll probably do the same when and if I settle on a favorite disto.

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"European" Feel?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The reviewers must have b ...

I've got it but haven't installed it. What characteristics make it feel "European"? Does it use the British spelling of "colour"? Does it take a five-week holiday in August? Do process get priority based on a parlimentary system?

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Yes ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to "European" Feel?

I don't know a better way to describe it. Everything feels like you are talking with a stodgy Brit or a cursing German. It isn't the language really, but the entire feel of the distro.

If you have used other flavors of Linux it would be easier to describe....(have you?)

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes ;-)

RH9 for several weeks, and I've played with Knoppix a half dozen times on a variety of hardware. We had a departmental goal to at least look at Linux a couple of years ago, mostly as a spare time learning project. After a few months the experiment was pushed to the back burner by other technologies, then eventually taken off the stove, wrapped in foil, and put in the back of the freezer. Since we have other technologies we've got to implement, they're higher priority than something we don't currently have plans to use. I'd really like to do more with it but I find the number of option daunting / intimidating. The "install, play, remove, repeat" method of learning so many seem to favor is just not my idea of a good time, especially when I don't have any specific goals or objectives.

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