Good antivirus program

By .Martin. ·
I asked this a little while ago, but I shall see if perspectives have changed.

looking for antvirus software (or really internet security to be more specific) for three computers (two desktops and an ULV 1.3GHz laptop)

currently I am running Mcafee Total Protection (wich I pay about US$80 a year), and haveing to fight two viruses in the past three days (poison-ivy and apocalyps) I no longer believe in mcafee and want to ditch it asap.

my requirements?
will not be too resource hungry on an ULV
preferably one program (I can deal with multiple, but one would be easier).

computers running vista (desktop), and windows 7 (laptop and 64-bit desktop).



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Oh I do hope...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to useful info

That he wasn't family (at least, too close) aforehand Sorry, bad ansu... ]:)

I like zonealarm for the ET-cannot-call-home part. There is malware out there that is unlikely to be detected, because it looks like just a program that calls home, like they all do. With zonealarm you can pull the plug on it, just on account of it not being on your personal whitelist.

I don't find it to be hardware intensive, but for the updates... they suck, at least on my system.

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he he

by PurpleSkys In reply to Oh I do hope...

yes ansu, you're bad ...clarification: my family had their own tech, they introduced us 8 yrs ago, we married 4 yrs ago.

And I know a lot of folks that still swear by ZA and I always tell them that if it works for them and they're happy with it, then by all means, continue to use it. I've reinstalled software on pc's after a format that I don't particularly care for, but it's what the user wishes to have, I comply :) .

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