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I received three emails one stating my google account has been logged into and password changed.

The google account only listed my Hotmail email address and no linked gmail address, i have checked my gmail address and nothing suspicious gone on, i have also no other live gmail addresses.

I checked the authentication of the email and it's definitely form google , also tried the recovery options and cannot recover the google account.

I am now at a loss and don't know what to do, I have change all passwords for my other sites etc. but doesn't seem any way google can help me.

Any help would be great.

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My guess is you were "phished",

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Google Account

the email you received may have appeared to be from google/gmail, but miscreants are getting pretty clever
at disguising their true links. If you clicked on a link in
that email, I would say you have now lost ownership of
the related gmail account. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER click a link in ANY "verify your account" or "your account may be terminated" type email messages
when you are certain YOU did not request the action!
Outside of contacting gmail, not much you can do.

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Hacked Google

by jonhacking123 In reply to My guess is you were "phi ...

Hi Thanks,

I don't think i was phished , i clicked the email but didn't input my details, i went from the proper google website.

This is an old account from years ago , i don't even use, they have since tried to access my apple account which they were unsuccessful, my current Gmail account has not been accessed.

I think this was from a old googlemail account and not the the google email account has been removed form the google account due to not being used.

Would you recommend i just give this account up? I don't need it, or how do i contact gmail? I have tried all the recover options with no joy, the two factor authentication is to a mobile number i no longer use.

Thanks for replying

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If you no longer need it,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Hacked Google

then I would just give it up. I've read in other forums that gmail can be a bear to contact an
actual help person. Since the 2FA is linked to
a mobile number you no longer use, then it may
be more trouble than it's worth, unless you had
something important archived in the account.
Good luck and best wishes!

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