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Google Calendar is live

By sMoRTy71 ·
While it had been rumored for quite some time, Google has launched their new Calendar app.

So far, it looks pretty similar to another calendar app (Kiko) that I had just started using this week.

Anyone else going to give it a try?

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I might

by Dr Dij In reply to Google Calendar is live

but I've been using Yahoo's calendar for quite a while. Not sure if I should bother.

WIll have to see if it has more features, but how many features can a calendar have?

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Google is starting to creep me out

by gralfus In reply to Google Calendar is live

They seem to want to know everything about everyone, and archive emails, etc. I don't usually lean towards conspiracy theory, but Google makes me wonder sometimes. If you tried to extract a lot of information from people, it would be difficult, but offer a free online service and they spill their guts.

I'll stick to my wall calendar.

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Hmm, very average

by techrepublic In reply to Google Calendar is live

I was expecting something quite cool and ajaxy, but this is a very ordinary calendar. I used the Yahoo web calendar for a while, but the bugs in intellisync eventually turned me off.

I'm still waiting for an online calendar that syncs seamlessly with Outlook; I presume there are rather a lot of other people who also would like this, as outlook (and express) is the #1 calendar app out there. The web-interface for Exchange is all well and good, but I'm after something lightweight that other people, outside of the exchange server, can use.

There's a gap in the market, and this aint going to fill it.

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Seamless synching with Outlook

by tokyojerry2011 In reply to Hmm, very average

Their is something out there that may very well meet your needs, and is growing in popularity: It will maintain synchronization with your Outlook (or Outlook Express, or Mozilaa Thunderbird) calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks. Accessible from anywhere and always stays up-to-date, real time if you download the Plaxo plugin for Outlook, for example. Any changes to your contacts, calendars, etc., will be replicated to your online database.

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Thanks, interesting, But still full of stupid flaws.

by techrepublic In reply to Seamless synching with Ou ...

Plaxo seems quite nice, albeit a bit strange to configure to synchronise automatically.
Problem is, it's still got some niggly problems, e.g. all-day events spreading over 2 days, cache flag incorrect on images.
I'll run with it for a while however, as it's better than other calendars.

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Basic Calendar

by Jowadi In reply to Google Calendar is live

I agree with several of the posts before - it looks pretty basic.
I will stick with Yahoo! for now.

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