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Google Chrome - To or Not To?

By stephenmjames ·
In the beginning there was Google. Humanity looked upon it and saw that it was good. Evening passed and morning came, and then there was GMail. My far fetched similarities to Genesis have no pun intended. And soon all of that was good too, and out came Google Gears and Docs and Apps and what not. Google Desktop... Who wanted to be stuck with the boring Windows desktop, right? On a typical search, you'd have time to take a tea break, come back, and still see Rover sniffing away what's left of the sidebar. Of course, many regulars did not and still don't know about the Windows' Indexing Search. Alright, so Google Desktop wasn't anything "new" but it did revolutionize widgets and gadgets. I think Apple and Windows got to quit bitching about who stole what from whom. 5 bucks where they got the idea for Widgets from! Anyway, Id rather not veer off into that territory. Come 2008 and we saw Android - that led few to think Google took a step into bionics. Heck no! That was the perfect answer to open source platforms for mobile devices. By the way, if your cell-phone can send MMS... or for that matter if you still call it a "cell-phone", the world has moved past those antiques. Around the same time there were speculations of a Unix-based "Google OS" shipping out. With the Pandora's box these Googlians have, why leave room for doubt?

Finally the latest plunge, from Google, into doing something different. Google Chrome - the open source based browser. Tadaa. "Er, but... excuse me. Different? It's just a browser. We've had browsers since the 1980s". Dead right about that. NCSA Mosaic - the first browser that revolutionized the digital age. It gave the medium that spawned a generation of surfers, bloggers, reviewers, or just good 'ol porn-watchers. So I thought Id look into what's the big hype in Chrome. Well quite a few, and some of them impressive.

Tabs - "You got to be kidding me right? Tabs?! Every browser now has one of those." For the IT challenged folks, skip to the next topic (the rest of this sentence will be greek to you). ?r? m?x??g ???? w??h m?l??-?hr?????g. Aaah! Now there's the difference. Each tab runs as a separate process, which means that one tab crash cannot kill the browser. And that also means you cannot have defragmented memory again from deallocated memory pointers. And that also means that one corrupted JS cannot hang the entire browser. Why is my porn taking too long to download?! &$%@#*
Javascripting - "Yawn, thing of the 90s. And besides, Firefox 3's faster javascript loading is what made the others eat dust". So what could these folks do? Well they re-wrote what Java Virtual Machine (JVM) should do!! IT-challenged folks, you know what to do -> next line! ... JVM first came out to support applets and they were intended to be small. Applications developed today are akin to making an elephant ride a tricycle. So what did these folks do? They made a super-sized tricycle!
Chrome bot - Well this is like the Good News Bible to developers. Which came first - the problem or the solution?
Sandboxing - The terms these folks come up'm loving it. Malware, Adware, Spyware... like a moth to a lamp, surrounded with an electric mesh!
Omnibox - "C'mon. You know Firefox 3 did that with their Smartbar". True, but that did'nt have the power of Google in it! Which means one search bar less on the browser... wohooo... more desktop real estate.
No title bar - "Who needed that annoying space waster anyway? We know we're using Chrome!"
Beta version - All of this and much more and they're still in Beta. Well GMail has been in Beta since they started. They still bloody are! One of those jokes I guess only Googlians understand.

Now let's not take away the credit from the others. IE-8 is being named the most "cleaned up" browser Microsoft came out with. Their so-called "private-mode" browsing, which bloggers were in no hurry to dub "porn-mode" ... yeah that cracked me up. And Firefox 3? Did you see the hype behind it's launch?! They set a Guinness Book world record for the maximum number of downloads in a single day. Well me, just like 7 million other "I-downloaded-it-on-the-first-day"s could not disagree. Websites loaded in a flash. That brought in a Wow Effect - no pun intended to Microsoft. So leaving it to the brains of the readers (IT challenged, please join now) the final question is not about how long it takes for Chrome to wash down IE's 56% market share of browsers. The real question is, "What's the next browser going to give me?"

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Google and Chrome taking over

by belmhorst In reply to Google Chrome - To or Not ...

I have been excited about Google Chrome since I first downloaded it. I won't be switching to any other browser. Google also just came out with Chrome Frame which can be used with IE to make IE render 10 times faster. Google isn't slowing down in making great products and I'm loving it.

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