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Google Earth software is now available for Linux

By stress junkie ·
Google Earth is now available for Linux. I have tried it and it works very well.

Google Earth can be downloaded from this address.

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just one question,

by Jaqui In reply to Google Earth software is ...

What purpose does it serve?
It has always been possible to get access to satelite images, very few people did so.

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It needs a purpose?

by stress junkie In reply to just one question,

I figure that the network bandwidth and CPU cycles that it eats up are enough justification to use it. How else am I going to use my 8Mbps from Comcast?

Back when it first came out I kept reading about interesting sightings such as USAF planes parked on the runways of Chinese military bases. Of course it only ran on Windows so I didn't try it. Now that I've seen my house and the houses of my relatives I guess I'm done with it. The detail available at maximum zoom is disappointing. My house looks like a blob. I was hoping that I could count the shingles. Nope.

So it's useful for clogging the Internet with useless traffic. Sounds like IM when you put it like that. :)

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bad resolution?

by Jaqui In reply to It needs a purpose?

must be google's fault, any decent sat image has the resolution to count shingles on a roof.
If google earth can't do that, then it would be useless for following hot babes walking down the street. ]:)

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"What purpose does it serve?"

by dawgit In reply to just one question,

Very Good Point there Jaqui. I checked out the Google Maps some time ago, and while all the hype might be so in the Americas, their coverage of the rest of the world is terible. One can forget about Germany or any of Europe for that matter. (Don't even think about Africa) The detail and resolution was so bad that looks like a child's drawing. There is many more maping sites that do much better. And you're also right about the Sat. images, far better. For Air Ports there are many sites that work just fine on Linux. (but sorry Jaqui, you do need to use Java for most)

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by ds4211a In reply to just one question,

I recently found a site where you could find out what a nuclear explosion would do to a city. You could select a major city and how many megatons you wanted to use. The site provide a nice before satelite view of the city and then show describe what effect the explosion would have.

I thought it kind of put all our wonderful technolgy into perspective. Sorry, I didn't bookmark the site. Truthfully, it was a bit unnerving.

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