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Google enters browser wars.

By normhaga ·
Google is releasing today a new browser. Google calls this browser "Chrome" The first release is Windows only with Linux and OS X versions to follow shortly.

While distrustful of Googles offerings, Chrome seems to offer features that are not available in current browsers. Chrome separates each tab in its own process so that if one tab crashes it does not affect the other tabs and thus the browser itself does not crash. The browser is also sandboxed from the underlying OS. Chrome has its own memory manager and process explorer which allows the user to identify which pages or browser processes are consuming the most memory. Chrome also uses aggressive garbage collection and memory management.

Chrome also appears to take a serious stance towards malware by leveraging Googles blacklists.

Googlegears is integrated and Chrome presents its own javascript virtual machine called "V8."

More information here:

Does anyone have any opinions?

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nope, no opinion since

by Jaqui In reply to Google enters browser war ...

other than that blog entry I can't find any coroboraing information, including anything from Google itself.

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by normhaga In reply to nope, no opinion since

Google is scheduled to announce Chrome today at 11.00 AM PDT.

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Waited 12 seconds but the blog would not load

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Google enters browser war ...

so I passed it by. Should Google release a browser sure I will take a look. No big deal however.

What abiut this:

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Blog opening.

by normhaga In reply to Waited 12 seconds but the ...

I had no problem loading the page. I do not think that Chrome is an April Fools joke. Google itself is listing it and their is a Wiki about Chrome.

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It will be a nice try

by jimmy-jam In reply to Google enters browser war ...

but in the end it will fail. I am always curious when a new browser hits the market but am always relucant to try it. I finally broke down and tried FireFox. Its a nice browser but offers me no compelling reason to switch.

One glaring problem I have is its "dynamic content" allows Googles own custom ads to be more easily placed on web pages for you. I am not interested in a browser that allows ads to be more easily placed. That is one of the things I am looking forward to with IE8.

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Share some of the concerns.

by normhaga In reply to It will be a nice try

But I also have the concern that Chrome would allow for tracking, and we do know how much Google is devoted to out privacy - but this concern may be taken care of by Federal Legislation over Nebusense (Nebu Ad) and Pharm.

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Here's the link to the download.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Google enters browser war ...

Jaqui, I'd say I'm sorry because it's Windows only, but if I remember correctly you use a text-based browser anyway.

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Downloaded, installed, and running it now.

by Pringles86 In reply to Here's the link to the do ...

First impressions: This thing is insanely
fast, wow. I'm not sure if I like the
inability to maximize on my large high
resolution monitor but I guess I never need
it maximized anyways.

While typing this reply I noticed an
interesting feature... I can resize this text
area that I am currently typing in, I know I
can't do that in Firefox.

Edit... Kinda weird how it didn't wrap the
text that I was typing

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