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Google pandering

By jdavis ·
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Is it just me or is anyone else growing tired of the unabashed hawking of Google Apps here on TechRepublic? I mean, I know they need to make money, but can we get some responsible tech reporting?

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To what

by santeewelding In reply to Google pandering

Would your complaint not apply?

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I have seen

by melias In reply to Google pandering

quite a bit of the discussions about Google Apps, but I have seen even more about iphone, ipad and ietc... In fact, I see less about MS than just about any other platform, including 'nix. Strange, considering where the market shares are. Just goes to show, glam sells even here.
But are they pandering? I would not go that far.

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by jdavis In reply to I have seen

Perhaps. But it seems to me that I have seen nothing but glowing reports about success and savings when it comes to Google. I recall reading several negative articles about linux. Of course, they might not have been here on TR. It all blends together after a while.

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You are counting the number of and - articles...

by xgenx In reply to Discussions

If You are counting the number of + and - articles to determine their validity, you disqualify yourself as a judge of such things.

How could we trust TechRepublic's opinion if it was based on equality without regard for the product?

Maybe Google Apps is turning out some good stuff? Could that be possible?

And is Google Apps now overtaking the iPhone in over-hyped product or did you just fail to mention iPhone because it's been so many years and people expect it to be continuously and widely over-hyped by technotarded laymen?

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Wait - you need to use the correct jargon.

by seanferd In reply to Google pandering

When you wish to voice your suspicions or or conclusions that some writer or site has an agenda to promote some specific vendor, you need to use the appropriate trolling jargon <i>shill</i>, although <i>pandering</i> is also correct usage.


"How much do you guys get paid to be Apple shills."

"You are nothing but MS shills and fanbois."

I don't know why, but thta is just the terminology that teh Internets expects.

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That's the term

by jdavis In reply to Wait - you need to use th ...

You are correct. I really struggled to pull the term "shill" from the depths of my convoluted mind. Obviously I was unable to do so. Thanks for finding it for me!

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You don't know why?

by xgenx In reply to Wait - you need to use th ...
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