Google Photos Disables Duplicate Skipping

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Google Photos undid one of their most useful features and nobody is talking about it! Why do duplicate photos uploads take the same amount of time as a normal upload, yet the duplicate is not uploaded? Google Photos no longer immediately recognizes duplicate photos, which causes more energy and bandwidth to be used. Not a very green practice. 
Now why would I upload duplicate photos? To organize.
Google Back Up & Sync was a great way to upload thousands of photos from a PC to Google Photos. Back Up & Sync has its limitations however, one being that there was no organization to the upload; all photos were dumped into the main Google Photos account. I believe I am not alone when I say I was disappointed that the PC organization of my photos (in which hours of time was spent) could not be duplicated by Back Up & Sync. However, Google Photos HAD an easy work around to this. In the past, once the mass Back Up & Sync upload was completed, we could organize the photos into Google Photos albums quite easily. The process was this: (1) Create a Google Photos album that corresponded to the PC folder (2) Manually upload those specific photos into the new Google Photos album (3) This "upload" would finish in seconds. Google Photos would recognize them as duplicates and skip over them, yet they would be added to the album. NOW, this process takes the same amount of time as a normal upload, but the photos are not uploaded a second time. The photos are still added to the new Google Photos album, but what once was a process that took seconds, now takes hours to complete. I do not know when this change took effect, but it must have been within the last 6 months. 
I believe Google does owe us an answer for this, especially since it does require more bandwidth, speed, and time to do something their services could do in seconds months ago. Plus there is the environmental effect of requiring more energy and bandwidth. So far my attempts to get answers have been met with silence from Google, although some of their community volunteers listened and offered little knowledge of this.
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This is not the place to ask.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Google Photos Disables Du ...

You should reach out to Google directly. There is nothing we can do to resolve or answer definitively for you. You could try to see if there is another application in the Play Store you might like better, but not much more I can suggest.

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Put effort into

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Google Photos Disables Du ...

Your blog about this and other apps that don't do what you want and of course in the Google product forums.

It's been decades of computers but my take is when an app doesn't do what I want, I change apps or write my own.

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Google Photos Disables Duplicate Skipping

by onewordigcaptions In reply to Google Photos Disables Du ...

Go to Google Photos official website and disable “Google Drive - Sync photos & videos from Google Drive.” under "Settings" so that it won't automatically sync photos and videos in GDrive to Google Photos. Using this method will prevent duplicate files from being produced.

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