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Google + Ubuntu Linux = Goobuntu? Yeah, but so what?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
OK, first, I go on record as predicting that Google will never release an OS.

Then, The Register publishes a story which reveals that not only does Google have its own OS--a variant of Ubuntu Linux known internally as Goobuntu--but that it will possibly release the OS to the public.

Then, Ars Technica publishes a rebuttal, basically saying that Goobuntu is an internal tool for Google employees only, and that with Google planning a DRM-driven Google Video & Music store, releasing a DRM-free OS based on Ubuntu would be just stupid.

Frankly, it's enough to make your head spin. Me, I'm playing with Ubuntu 5.1 myself right now, and it's nice to know that Google is toying with something similar in their mad science labs. I still don't think that Google is dumb enough to get involved in the OS market, at least in the foreseeable future. But that's just my take.

I'm curious what everyone else thinks: Will Google ever release an OS, or is this just a pipe dream from all of us tired of buggy and expensive Microsoft code?

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My prediction, yet to be disproven

by stress junkie In reply to Google + Ubuntu Linux = G ...

I have been predicting, and I continue to do so, that the H5N1 bird flu virus and its derivatives will not become the dire threat to human health that the politicians and news media want us to believe.

I put this in here because the main topic, Google O/S, is so boring that I figured I'd add some spice to this thread.

Bird flue is spicy ONLY BY COMPARISON to the idea of a Google operating system.





hahaha <cough><cough>


I suppose that means I agree with your point: "So what?"


Anybody, any corporation, or any group, can make a custom Linux distro. It's a good idea for corporations. That doesn't mean that any Linux distro created for a particular audience will eventually be released to the public. So even if Google has done this for their internal use it (probably) has no relevance to the speculation about Google making an operating system for public use.

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Getting Your Wings

by BFilmFan In reply to My prediction, yet to be ...

HN51 and it's variant leathality is down to about 34%. Examples of other disease's leathilty include:

Bubonic plague: 70%

Pneumonic plague: 90-100%

Septicimic plague: 100%

Interesting article on plague:

Cholera: 20-50%

If you are really warped, you can compare snake bite venom to cholera at

Meningitis: 6-17%

If you are REALLY warped, you can check the lethal dose per kilogram of a number of toxins and bacteria at

Pneumonia: 5-32%

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Wings = medical doctor?

by stress junkie In reply to Getting Your Wings

Even though I hold a very high opinion about myself and my capabilities I have to admit that I don't have the "maths" or chemistry skills to go into medicine. My doctor always puts me in my place by talking about chemistry when I see him.

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A quibble

by Jaqui In reply to Google + Ubuntu Linux = G ...

with the registers article.

Google's own about us pages on their site do state that they are standardised on linux workstations, so in the article where the author says as an in house tool to move away from microsoft, he is showing a lack of basic research about google.

I know that I actually inquired of google about this around 3 months ago. I got a standard "We can't talk about what we may or may not be developing" reply.

If they had not already concidered it, my direct inquiry about a Goole branded linux distro may have triggered their concideration and adoption of the idea. :)

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