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Google Street View collected more than pictures

By JamesRL ·

It seems some "unapproved" code in the Google Street View software collected more than simple GPS information when Google's cars roved the planet.

It also searched for unencrypted WiFi messages, and collected what it found. That included emails, passwords and attachments, some of which were of sensitive medical information.

Initially Google denied reports, but after further investigation it admitted to the problem, and promised to delete the data once all the investigations were complete.

First off, how did the code get into the software? Did no one review the code?

Secondly, when some database filled up with non related data, did no one notice?

This should serve as a cautionary tale on a number of levels. Home wireless networkers should doublecheck that their systems are secure, because someone may be watching.

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Third question

by Slayer_ In reply to Google Street View collec ...

Why are they mapping wireless signals, this sounds super useless

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Well I can think of a couple of reasons

by JamesRL In reply to Third question

One, if they were trying to map public open wifi spots, or even Starbucks wifi spots, that might be useful on google maps.

Two, the more sinister reason, if they wanted to associate email addresses with physical locations so they can direct ads to you.

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I suspect option B

by Slayer_ In reply to Well I can think of a cou ...

It fits more in line with their business practices.

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But that would mean they are fibbing

by JamesRL In reply to I suspect option B

When they said they had no intentions.....

I agree with you, it makes more sense.

But we may never know for sure.

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CTV behind the curve.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Google Street View collec ...

This story is several weeks (months?) old.

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Its become a bigger issue now, at least in Canada

by JamesRL In reply to CTV behind the curve.

Because the Canadian Privacy commission, a government agency, is raising a stink. This is not the first thing they have taken them to task for. They are demanding proof that the data be destroyed.

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