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Greenpeace is now concerned about "Global Vibrations"

By jdclyde ·

It is all over the news. The biggest threat to our way of life since "Global Warming"!

What will YOU do to do your part? Do you even CARE? :0

Jaqui, strange news is back on!

Edited because everyone else is!

Edited again for typo in title

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by OnTheRopes In reply to NB?
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NB, you're being nice again......

by gadgetgirl In reply to .

what you really meant to say was

"Come up with...."



We all knew you meant that....

Oh, someone pass me a banana.
no, no, no.

Just a little peckish is all....



jd, you outta the restroom yet??

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by jdclyde In reply to NB, you're being nice aga ...

No. B-)

Took my laptop, so this could take a while..... :0

WiFi is changing the way we live!

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by OnTheRopes In reply to NB, you're being nice aga ...
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by OnTheRopes In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D
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The nice thing is

by jdclyde In reply to .

that one looks like it is a two person job! ]:)

Always the gentleman, willing to lend a lady a helping....hand....

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Easy GG

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D

All you need do is do away with the Batteries and make up a plug pack which converts AC to DC and run them directly off the mains. With enough insulation they should be perfectly safe and really souped up Way beyond Supercharging one of these things.

Many years ago when I worked for a small Auto Design House in Germany I was told by the founder that unless you where looking at using 60 PSI of boost it was an unnecessary complication that could be better addressed by a redesign. Of course they didn't make a large volume of cars but they made them properly and when we handed over the Development car to the Stylists they where given strict instructions They could paint it any colour or group of colours that they wished but they couldn't change a single thing about the design.

Now if only I could lay my grubby hands on a 959 Porsche today I would have a lovely play toy. It would be even better if it was Jacki's Car the one that he didn't shorten and remove the left hand front off in the desert.

Edited for a typo and remember to replace the batteries in the keyboard this week.

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Vibrators by ....

by Colonel Panijk In reply to Whom Greempeace???? :D

OK, let's imagine vibrators and other sex toys made and sold by companies, uh new to this line of business:

Microsoft. "Comes" with the Windows CE (Wince) operating system. If crashes while in use, simply remove and shut down (by pressing the Start button). Call MS support (open 8-5) and describe in detail what you were doing when it failed. They will tell you to attach it to the Web to download the latest software updates. Restart and resume use. Incompatible with devices purchased from that grungy place down behind the strip mall.

IBM. "Personal Oscillatory Stimulation Device" costs only $995 and comes with a genuine IBM Field Engineer to monitor its condition and perform service with.... on it. Most definitely incompatible with water based lubricants. Equipped with 6 foot power cord if purchased in Chicago; 9 foot elsewhere.

Add your own... :-)

Semi-unrelated note: this morning I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard when they said on the radio that the president of the Humane Society has asked everyone to refer to "dogs" as "Canine-Americans" instead. This was on NPR's "Wait, wait! Don't Tell Me!" show, so I'm hoping that it was a joke.

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Because I am concerned about the environment

by neilb@uk In reply to Greenpeace is now concern ...

and so I didn't feel left out, I Googled "solar powered sex toys" which are obviously even better than rechargable.

With 2 million hits it just goes to show that even the US cares really...

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Ahh, but Neil

by Tig2 In reply to Because I am concerned ab ...

The problem isn't the batteries at all.

I would never have believed solar powered. Not exactly something one uses outdoors. At least, I wouldn't think so.

Oh dear. I have a feeling that this thread may degenerate into something other than a serious discussion about harmful compounds...

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