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Gun Permits for the mentally ill

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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In the USA, these issues always appear to be so hard to resolve as one state permits, one state does not, one state has some allowances etc. In Canada, the same problems are usually pretty easy to sort out, all the provinces will agree to a unified solution ( in most cases) , while Quebec does something else that nobody cares about and doesn't affect anyone else. In written legal terms, there's always the 'except in Quebec' clause, as they are restricted from doing pretty much anything.
When it comes to employment rights, same thing, the rest of Canada's provinces all get a level of protection, except residents of Quebec, who's employment laws are very similar to the US where the company is protected and can do pretty much what they want to an employee.

Preamble over, after watching the morning news I was wondering how Americans deal with issues when they are so separated by state laws. I completely understand the independence of states but I also see how it detracts from moving forward as a nation on many issues.

Gun laws: Today I almost fell out of bed while watching US news and how one state has denounced a new gun law amendment to protect the medical records of mentally ill people from being released to FBI conducting background checks for new permits.

I was sure I didn't her it right so I them looked it up and found it was true! So protecting a person's medical record release, when they sign a form accepting a background/security clearance check, medial records are off the record?

Their reasoning was that, if Americans know they MAY be restricted form buying a firearm, if they have a history of mental illness, they will be less likely to voluntarily enter a mental illness facility.

Even after confirming it, I still think they are having a laff. It appears that most states have laws where IF you've been voluntarily admitted and then released, you can still get a permit. If you were admitted against your will and THEN released, you were not, then again some states allow it for both.

I just don't get how ANYONE, EVER having been admitted for ANY reason would be allowed a firearms permit.

Shouldn't that be like question #1 for a gun permit?
Are you or were you ever a nutter? If YES, no gun for you!

How can there be ANY gray area around it? Are Americans THAT mental that even someone with a history of mental illness has his right to own a firearm defended?!? I still can't quite get my head around it myself, it's just so far out of this world that I don't see how anyone can actually say it with a straight face.

The state argues that medical history records are private, unless specifically authorized for release by the patient. Fair enough, I couldn't agree more. But when you sign a release for a criminal background history check, finding out if you are mentally unstable should be authorized at the same time.

So not only do pro gun activists feel ANYONE should have a gun and be able to get one quickly an without further delays, they also feel that the mentally ill (assumed "cured") should be able to get one without revealing their past mental illness history.

Seriously, you think you have problems in the middle east, try looking right next door instead. Your problems are internal, not in foreign countries.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Oh...

"You don't know man! you were'nt there"

Happliy, that was one war that we managed NOT to slavishly follow the US into else I might have had to flee to France to escape the draft.

Alas that is not the case these days. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Vietna, We watched while you fumbled around with no achievable goal. But, now, we are in Afghanistan with no achievable goal, Iraq with no achievable goal, have helped bomb Libya back to tribalism, would love to toast Iran, want to do the same to Syria...and we lick Saudi Arabia's sandals.

All that information ripped off by the US Intelligence services. Someday, the US and UK will learn the difference between data, knowledge and wisdom. Go, Snowden! Tell it as it is.

Sorry about the minor rant but it seems to me that the idea of the mentally ill being able to own deadly weapons translates up to countries, too.

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Re: Rants

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh...

Rants are great. I didn't quite understand all of it, but I'm also glad you guys didn't follow our folly way back when.

Re: "....the idea of the mentally ill being able to own deadly weapons translates up to countries, too.

I like that. I really do. It seems to be in-line with an idea I had for a new discussion, but I refrained from starting it. It would have gone something like this:

A Tale of Two Headlines

One Headline:

"Obama steps up military aid to Syrian rebels"

Another headline:

"Catholic Priest Allegedly Beheaded in Syria by Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels as Men and Children Take Pictures and Cheer"

Message to President Obama: You're supporting the wrong side. And yes, the other side is also the wrong side.

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Max. No problem

by neilb@uk In reply to Oh...

Just an early morning, low blood sugar post. Usually makes as much sense as the ones I used to post after beer.

Message to President Obama and to Prime Minister Cameron: You're supporting the wrong side. And yes, the other side is also the wrong side.

The only change I would make, other than to amend the target audience, is to add "this is a Muslim sectarian war between Shiites and Sunni and you don't have the slightest idea what either of the sides really want".

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War Stories

by jck In reply to Oh...

You get someone telling a real war story, they generally don't beat their chest. They usually get sad remembering all their buddies they lost.

My uncle was always solemn about it. He survived Pearl Harbor while assigned to the USS Pennsylvania. He talked to me about it several times. I have his Naval Annual and several pieces from his time in the Navy and at Pearl Harbor that he kept.

Same thing for a guy I knew in college who'd been in Vietnam and retired from the Navy. And, several other guys I knew from hanging around with guys in the Veterans Affairs office at the university I attended.

Or my old neighbors...the husband was in Vietnam...and, it's hard for him to talk about it still to this day. He's only opened up 2 times in the almost 10 years I've known him and his wife.

Anyways...nuff said

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jck and his "war story" nit picks

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh...

Oh for Pete's sake, jck. I call out someone doing his usual chest-pounding using a "war story" analogy, and you go off on some stupid nit-picking mission. Then again, I suppose you buy into the fool's chest-pounding as well.

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Bad form, Max

by NickNielsen In reply to Oh...

jck was corroborating your point from your post titled "Re:" that those who have been there don't pound their chest.

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Bad form, Nick, pointing out other's bad form

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh...

Heaven forbid you, jck, or someone else back me up when I call-out such chest pounding; instead jck's segue into his "sad story" observation, and you point out my "bad form".

What do you think of Oz's constant "chest pounding", Nick? Or am I the only one who dares to call it schoolboy childishness?

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Oh...

Chest pounding is saying you will shoot anyone who enters your home. It is usually followed by gun make, model, bore amount of ammo on hand, how everyone in the family has been in the military, how one is personally MORE responsible with a gun than the rest of the population, due to intense gun range training etc.

Saying, 'if you pull your gun, you better kill me' is a simple reality. You can take a shot, but don't expect to take any others. It leans on man's natural instinct to fight until the death, when in a life or death situation.

So, you have it completely backward but that's to be expected , you don't seem to pick up on anything else here either. Your comprehension has been proven abysmal too many times to even begin counting.

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constant "chest pounding"

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Oh...

Please, do tell, I know you have problem with posting links but you can still find them and quote them.

Chest pounding is inherently an American thing.

I have a gun under my pillow and will shoot anyone entering my home to protect my family. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP

If it wasn't for America, the rest of the world would be speaking German, THUMP THUMP THUMP

America doesn't let terrorists walk on it like all the other free nations do! THUMP, THUMP, THUMP

America has freedoms and wouldn't understand. THUMP THUMP THUMP

American is the mightiest country on Earth, everyone wants to move here, you are just jealous. THUMP THUMP THUMP

Get over yourself, peel a banana and try throwing your feces at someone else who might think you were cool.

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No...sorry...too silly!

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Oh...

Don't need a cartoon, the replies here are a joke themselves.

It's like people have the most illogical and blatantly ignorant train of though.

In a discusion where the topic is about mental health record checks being unavailable to peopl seekign a license to own a deadly weapon, you get replies like "I own two guns and I've never shot anyone?" How about using some sanity, logic and relevance instead?

"I would shoot someone if they broke into my residence."
Did saying that put a bit more hair on your chest and make the beer a bit weaker too? Do you have a sign with that on your door? "Break in here and I will shoot you dead!"

Shoot to kill, and American law is also very quick to ignore the castle doctrine, welcome to cell block C, here's Bubba and he needs a new girlfriend.

So many tough guys, for such a weak nation.

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