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Gun Permits for the mentally ill

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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In the USA, these issues always appear to be so hard to resolve as one state permits, one state does not, one state has some allowances etc. In Canada, the same problems are usually pretty easy to sort out, all the provinces will agree to a unified solution ( in most cases) , while Quebec does something else that nobody cares about and doesn't affect anyone else. In written legal terms, there's always the 'except in Quebec' clause, as they are restricted from doing pretty much anything.
When it comes to employment rights, same thing, the rest of Canada's provinces all get a level of protection, except residents of Quebec, who's employment laws are very similar to the US where the company is protected and can do pretty much what they want to an employee.

Preamble over, after watching the morning news I was wondering how Americans deal with issues when they are so separated by state laws. I completely understand the independence of states but I also see how it detracts from moving forward as a nation on many issues.

Gun laws: Today I almost fell out of bed while watching US news and how one state has denounced a new gun law amendment to protect the medical records of mentally ill people from being released to FBI conducting background checks for new permits.

I was sure I didn't her it right so I them looked it up and found it was true! So protecting a person's medical record release, when they sign a form accepting a background/security clearance check, medial records are off the record?

Their reasoning was that, if Americans know they MAY be restricted form buying a firearm, if they have a history of mental illness, they will be less likely to voluntarily enter a mental illness facility.

Even after confirming it, I still think they are having a laff. It appears that most states have laws where IF you've been voluntarily admitted and then released, you can still get a permit. If you were admitted against your will and THEN released, you were not, then again some states allow it for both.

I just don't get how ANYONE, EVER having been admitted for ANY reason would be allowed a firearms permit.

Shouldn't that be like question #1 for a gun permit?
Are you or were you ever a nutter? If YES, no gun for you!

How can there be ANY gray area around it? Are Americans THAT mental that even someone with a history of mental illness has his right to own a firearm defended?!? I still can't quite get my head around it myself, it's just so far out of this world that I don't see how anyone can actually say it with a straight face.

The state argues that medical history records are private, unless specifically authorized for release by the patient. Fair enough, I couldn't agree more. But when you sign a release for a criminal background history check, finding out if you are mentally unstable should be authorized at the same time.

So not only do pro gun activists feel ANYONE should have a gun and be able to get one quickly an without further delays, they also feel that the mentally ill (assumed "cured") should be able to get one without revealing their past mental illness history.

Seriously, you think you have problems in the middle east, try looking right next door instead. Your problems are internal, not in foreign countries.

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The most insane thing I've ever seen

by maxwell edison In reply to The most insane thing I'v ...

Why are people so willingly giving away their freedom? Not only on any given "gun issue", but on any issue at all? That's insane to me. And equally insane are those who speak so disparagingly to, and about, those who say, no, you can't have it, and I will resist any attempt to take it. (Usually the same people.)

Edit for addition:

For example, for someone to say, " If the government turned up tomorrow and said I couldn't have them (my widgets) anymore, 'oh well, c'est la vie, who the **** cares'?"

Now that's insane.

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Good questions

by NickNielsen In reply to The most insane thing I'v ...

Which beg another question: Why are people so unwilling to give away their freedom on gun issues so willing to give away other freedoms? Or to take away the freedom of others?

I'm not putting you in that group, Max, by a long shot, but in my area of the country, too many of those in favor of unfettered firearms ownership feel government should interfere in people's lives in other ways.

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I'm always amused

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Good questions

by anti-abortion protestors who tell expectant mothers to put the baby up for adoption, but have never considered adopting a child themselves.

I was also entertained several months ago when the NRA filed to stop a gun buyback program run by the Tuscon police. It seems the cops were going to destroy those purchased firearms, instead of auctioning them like confiscated property.

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I'm upset

by neilb@uk In reply to I'm always amused

You really do have a better class of nutters over there.

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Our #1 export.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm upset

And now it's much easier to share them with the rest of the world through the magic of the Internet

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Watch the comments neil

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I'm upset

In reference to American nutters (or Americans in general) you used the word 'class'. ooopsie! Also, in order to be deemed a nutter, you'd have to have someone sane to compare to.

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There's no contest in the nutter question (look at your own risk)

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm upset

Al Gore. I rest my case.

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That's the best you can come up with?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to There's no contest in the ...

I'll see your Al Gore and raise you Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Michael Bloomberg when he's in his 'Nutritionist-in-Chief' mode, the entire 'anti-immunization' movement, Ron Paul when he's on a 'return to gold standard' rant, and anyone who thinks rappers using the word 'Ni**er' as entertainment are 'keeping it real', but that a woman raised in the Jim Crow South should be condemned for having used it in casual conversation decades ago.

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There's plenty of good nutters to go around, but.....

by maxwell edison In reply to There's no contest in the ...

..... Al Gore is the type of nutter who is especially offensive to Neil. Strange bedfellows kind of thing, and Neil's a bit too cozy to AlGore for Neil's own comfort.

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Al Gore

by neilb@uk In reply to There's no contest in the ...

Now, you know you've been warned about him! Don't make me have to hit you.

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