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ha! that is shocking

By Jaqui ·
that little old me can get a decent rating for a video on installing linux into a vm.

it's currently 42 on the list of most popular.
so 42 of 559

though the actual video is:

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to ha! that is shocking
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by Jacky Howe In reply to ha! that is shocking

after I had a bo peep. Very educational, the next time that I install I will follow your instructions. Especially the Journalised FS. I actually used the PCLinux CD today for testing. Good Luck in your new enterprise. :)

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249? ahh, views.

by Jaqui In reply to 249

which would bump position to 40.

It's a way to share what I have learned about Linux, and am still learning about it, in a format that is .. more acceptable shall we say, to the general internet user than the text based format commonly used for Linux.

But I don't own ShowMeDo.

though I did put a little post about cheating for the popular stats out for him to see. He says that all is fair in getting views.

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252 views right now

by Jaqui In reply to 249? ahh, views.

39 - 254: PyDev on a Mac by Robert Marchetti"
40 - 252: Installing PCLinuxOS by Jaqui"
41 - 248: The 'Hello World' Applet - Part 1 by John Montgomery

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hmm climbing rapidly

by Jaqui In reply to 252 views right now

32 - 302: Series Overview by Ian Ozsvald"
33 - 295: Installing PCLinuxOS by Jaqui"
34 - 292: Creating Relationships by Dai

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not so rapid now

by Jaqui In reply to hmm climbing rapidly

31 - 310: 'Hello World' with Perl by Steven Devijver"
32 - 303: Installing PCLinuxOS by Jaqui"
33 - 299: Series Overview by Ian Ozsvald

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by Jacky Howe In reply to not so rapid now

this morning, currently at number 30. The comments don't seem to work properly.

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I've noticed

by Jaqui In reply to 304

that comments don't show up right away.

that's ok though, since I get a message when they do show up.

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by Jaqui In reply to ha! that is shocking

since the owner of ShowMeDo doesn't have a problem with promoting the video.

lets see if TR can cause a slashdot effect. ]:)

everyone hit

and see if we can bring showmedo to it's knees

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to rich, just way to rich

by Jaqui In reply to ~bump~

I post the above, and try getting to, and it's not running right.

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