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hack my mailbox

By uchenn85 ·
if ur sure that u guys can hack mailboxes, tell me mine. my e-mail address is

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I agree

by Tig2 In reply to Another wiseass on TR loo ...

Unfortunately, we're always gonna get them. Even if TR posted a disclaimer, they still wander in. Most of them go down in flames- don't know if you have ever wandered into a password help thread but they can get pretty intense.

I recall one jokester who posted the same "Make $$$" idiocy on EVERY single thread. The PTB pulled them all of course- little tolerance for that too.

Oh well. As I know you've seen, the folks here get to know you and anyone reasonable is welcome.

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by Ou Jipi je In reply to Another wiseass on TR loo ...
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by NickNielsen In reply to hack my mailbox

Never a virtual machete when you need one.

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Good Idea

by w2ktechman In reply to Dang! :(

Virtual Machete...
If TR had a virtual Machete, responders would not even really need to post. After reading an article, they can machete it a few times, giving warning to others to stay away.

Or we can get into the cutting wars, and duels....
That can be fun too

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We need the big middle finger macro function for this :-o

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Good Idea

a picture is worth a thousand words

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That would get the original poster's attention :0

by NickNielsen In reply to We need the big middle fi ...

But a virtual machete would alert members and could even take out the trash. It wouldn't need to be much.

Title of Reply: Machete

Body of Reply: Chop Chop

This way, the first person to see a starting post like this one can reply with the machete, and nobody who comes later needs to read any further.
[wishful thinking]Then, that evening, the TR cleanup script that doesn't yet exist will close and remove all threads with the machete in the second post.[/wishful thinking]
Unfortunately, if the original poster has already been flamed, the machete wouldn't work.

Edit: danged subliminals!

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a kid

by Kiltie In reply to hack my mailbox

That's my guess, a kid issuing a challenge, he found a site of techies, been to a Warez site and got the latest condom against hacking (probably filling up his machine with malware in the process - becoming a zombie bot) and wants us to crack his account?

Frankly, we couldn't be bothered with such puerile games, we have better things to do.

I can have a go, though, taking the question literally:

"if ur sure that u guys can hack mailboxes, tell me mine. my e-mail address is

um.... this is a tricky one.....

let me consult.....

have to use a few tracking tools here.....

ooo it bounced off a few satellites.....

via Hong Kong no less!!



Your mailbox resides at

Am I close?

Next challenger please (but make them a little older please, at least send them to college first)

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need more info

by NZ_Justice In reply to hack my mailbox

just your email address is not enough, You must also post your password to the email account, and your credit card number and credit card number expiry date. The credit card info will also help JD with his safe porn surfing research.

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by Kiltie In reply to need more info

We should help JD out here.

I see no point in JD using his own credit card to carry out that vital research.

*** wink ***

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