Hacker Freezing Problems

By kosh_n ·
I have a big freezing problem guys.

I've already check the temperature of my vga and cpu its within standards.
I've check for trojans, malwares e.t.c. and its also clean.

So because this happen to all my precedent pc's (a fujitsu siemens laptop and a Intel P4 3.2ghz) I suppose this is not radomly cause this last one (Intel duo 6600 2.4ghz with a Asus M/B and a Nvidia 8600GT) its brand new, I come to conclusion that some freaky hackers has target me long time now with.. I don't know what through my ip.

I'm sure its not a "network" problem cause I have remove both file printer sharing and microsoft networks protocols from network and I have also have off the remotes control and file sharing generaly..
I have also a "hide ip" program and use the old good steganos software who change your ip every 2 min.
Still no luck
I use avast with nvidia firewall but still no change (have no luck either with kaspersky, nod32 or black ice)

I don't know what else guys, any suggestion it'll be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

So I don't know what else

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Only thing that I can think of quickly is did you run the

by OH Smeg In reply to Hacker Freezing Problems

Spy Ware Sans in Safe Mode? I would also scan the system or in this case systems in Safe Mode with the AV Scanner that you are using as well because you have much less loaded it's more likely to pickup and be able to dispose of any nasties that have been picked up along the way.

The other thing that you can look at is the software load is there anything there that has issues? You could have a good Old Fashioned Software Conflict Occurring which is a real nuisance when this happens.

Also when this happens have you got the Task Manager open and set to display the Running Applications? It's possible that the freezes are a result of Non responsive programs which you would see with the Task Manager Open.


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Hackers Freezing Problems

by kosh_n In reply to Only thing that I can thi ...

I have already scan the system in both normal and safe mode with no use, as I said before the system is brand new (only 4 days) and when I finish the whole installation of my programs I made a ghost backup (before connect it to internet) so the possibility of a virus or a trojan or malware unfortunately is out of the question.
I also forgot to mention that I've checked the ram too with memcheck but find no problems

The problem happens radomly and with no obviously cause in this machine and the other 2 I have before.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the response.

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Well firstly a load time of 4 days is no guarantee

by OH Smeg In reply to Hackers Freezing Problems

Of no infections I've seen some hopeless infections and even done this myself by not installing an AV Scanner before logging on to M$ for Patches.

But you didn't make any mention of what is actually happening with the Task Manager Open displaying the Running Applications. When you are having problems are any of the running applications showing as being Unresponsive?


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by kosh_n In reply to Well firstly a load time ...

I have already format the machine 2 times and I can assure you is not a virus.

If for example I'm in a game the screen freeze but the sound stuck to the particular point (like an old record player), after that, the leds of the keyboard lights on / off but there's no respone to the keys (neither ctrl + alt + delete nor ctrl + esc or alt + tab) so I can't use task manager.

I try and install ms windows tiny xp corporate edition (its a small version of windows xp specific for gamers, without unnecessary drivers or service) but the same thing happens.
Is that or the pc does a completely hard reset.

any other thoughts?

Thanks for the reply.

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Before you performed the Format did you wipe the Drive?

by OH Smeg In reply to Well....

Remember a full Format only writes to every third sector of the HDD and leaves the remaining other 2 sectors untouched and I've seen previous infections come through in a situation like this. It's worse if you use the Fast Format Option in XP as that only writes the MBR's and nothing else is touched so any previous infections can remain and creep back in.

If you don't have a wiping utility something like Boot & Nuke available here should work quite well

But I do agree with one of the other posters here isolate this particular machine and work with it for a time without connecting to the Internet and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't then add an AV Product and connect to the Net and update the AV product then Windows and then isolate it again for several days and see if the problem crops up now.

You'll need to work your way through all the options and if it happens on the initial load it could be a Software Conflict so you'll need to look at the installed Software. Games have several known issues which could be causing this to occur but just to be on the safe side get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here

and test all of your hardware. Personally I don't think that you'll find anything as this same problem is occurring on 3 different computers so I would be looking at the Software Load as the first option but you still have to cover all of the bases.


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new is no guarantee that doesn't have rootkit

by Dr Dij In reply to Hackers Freezing Problems

we've had PCs straight from the factory with viruses.

However laptops are much more highly engineered and succeptible to flaws and power / em problems. this is because they often run multiple voltages on same mb, traces have smaller pitch, less cooling, etc.

I'd guess you have hardware problem.

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by kosh_n In reply to new is no guarantee that ...

I find it a bit unusual 3 different machines, with complete different configuration to have the same problem... but who knows, maybe its one of a trillion or murphy's law and you are right. :)

Thanks for the reply.

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Did you scan your HDD

by w2ktechman In reply to Hacker Freezing Problems

as it may be failing. I have had drives fail within 1 week of setting up the system before, so it is not out of the question here.

Also, system restore. Did you go back to a time when it worked fine?

And Spyware may be hidden as well. Look for rootkit revealer to see if a rootkit was planted on your system.

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by kosh_n In reply to Did you scan your HDD

I have checked it with spysweeper, hijack this, spy bot, true sword 4 and spyware terminator but have no luck either neither in normal nor safe mode.

I have always off the system system restore for this particular reason (trojans, malware e.t.c.)

The unfortunately fact is that neither of the 3 machines ever worked fine.
In fact my very first of three (the laptop) the first time occur that problem it was the day I bought it, the very first time I open it in the windows welcome screen lol

I don't know it is very strange the whole thing :S

Thanks for the reply.

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Install a router.

by 1bn0 In reply to Hacker Freezing Problems

Many hacks on the internet are scanning for unprotected windows P.C.s. A router stops the scans from getting into your network and consequently any of your P.C.s.

I had my router port forwardedto my main desktop for a little while, the antivirus/network monitor was popping up warnings every 5 to 10 minutes.

Turned off port forwarding, everything stopped.

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