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Hacker Help?

By alex ·
Recently I had one of my webservers compromised with a fresh exploit that had been released. I was actually in the stage of testing the patch for it on my mock server. Guess he was just too fast for me. The thing is he didn't do anything, I mean didn't deface or touch anything. (Well I couldn't find any evidence and he said he didn't, the box was formatted regardless.)He simply emailed me and let me know of the opening. Well at first I was upset... my domain, my world had been violated. But then I realized... "Man I'm glad he wasn't a vicios web defacer punk!" I mean coming in to work and having my boss looking at a defaced website that I am in charge of securing... that would be awful. So now it was decision time. Of course I have always dealt with hacking as a 0% tolerance, but this was different. I actually felt a little appreciative. I decided not to persue after this individual. What would you do? Do you see "hackers ethics" as being useful or just bull? I see it as a double edged sword really.

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Bad comparisons

by alex In reply to Hacker Help?

I think that some of the comparisons made to computer security, while entertaining, are like comparing apples and oranges.
The one about if someone broke into your house and left a note on your table(i liked that one by the way.), or the one about leaving your keys in your car. Well a computer on the internet is different. It is exposed to the world. And yes, technically your house and car are too, but it is unlikely that a guy fom the phillpines is gonna travel all the way to Ohio to run asecurity check on your farmhouse. On the other hand when you log on your AOL acct to check the latest stockyard prices that same guy form the phillipines can get you at a keystroke. Also, it is a point of knowledge. Most people know that if you parkyour car in a ghetto and leave your keys in your car with the windows down.... well you deserve to have it stolen. But how many computer users have a clue on setting computer security? With all the "loose" security in software released targeted for sales to the average computer user that are so easy for them to use. Most of the time it is sooo easy for them to get invaded also.

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