hacking myspace

By deka_521364 ·
I want to hack my myspace.I?m sure u herd of it;and it is me on that picture but i forgot my password,and at the time i didn`t have my e-mail

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You will need to contact MySpace

by Tig2 In reply to hacking myspace

If you have your account details, they can assist you with your password needs.

We don't assist people with password cracking. Sorry.

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Does the bar association know you are engaging in illegal acts?

by ManiacMan In reply to hacking myspace

I'm sure they'd love to hear your excuse for "hacking", since the last time I checked, hacking was a crime.

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by JPLconsultant In reply to hacking myspace

I've never herded anything, much less hacked it after I herded it.


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He should check with JD

by DMambo In reply to Sorry....

I'll bet jd has "cracked" a few things after he's herded them. ]:)

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Cracking Websites

by The Scummy One In reply to hacking myspace

But I am sure that you arent going to do anything illegal with this info, as you work in a Legal profession. So, here is the crack

I just tested it and yes, it is still unpatched by MS (however, it does not work in FF).

To crack into a website and alter their data

Ok, you will need a few tools and an active Internet connection (the faster the better).
Establish a connection to the Internet
Browse to the website to be cracked (NOTE: This is an unpatched IE flaw, it fails in FireFox). Furthermore, IE has to be the default browser or it will fail as well.

Once at the proper web site, you will need to alter a system file. Open windows explorer and navigate to c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc
find the file called 'hosts'
rename the file to hosts.txt
open the file. Look to where it states localhost

to continue, get into a Dos shell, go to start -- run -- type CMD and press enter
a Dos shell window should open. You will need to use a few commands from this location in order to gain access. First, you need to know the IP address of the site. Type 'ping %domain name%' this will bring up the current opened website ip address.

Go back to hosts.txt and make a new entry under the address. Keep everything lined up the same. Just as an example, lets say your ping came up with In this case you would add the line localhost

save the hosts.txt file
rename the hosts.txt file back to the original "hosts"


Ok, upon reboot, open the website again. Now since you are on the site, and your computer thinks the site resides locally (fooled IE) now you can alter it. However, you will need to give permissions (shared) in order to do what you want to. So, open explorer, and share your c: (right click on your c: and click share).

Ok from the dos shell, now type cd \\%share name%
now type deltree *.*

Since your computer thinks that it is the website, after a short time it will lock up, and does not want to reboot. So now we need to fix the problem. This gets a bit tricky, so follow closely. The smallest mistake can cost you big time (they can track you). And believe me, they will be looking to track for someone for taking their website down.

Now, to get your data back, their website is in a protected (locked) state. And remember, it is linked to your computer now, so you have complete control over it. So, now you need to 'get rough' with it. With the computer powered on, and hung (it is in locked mode as well). You will need a few pieces of HW for this now. Get some skoal (or other chewing tobacco), (this works best, but is not needed). Put a grounding wire in your mouth (the chew helps you to create spit), do not spit it out though. It also works best if you bare enough of the wire to tie it around your tongue. Put the other end of the grounding wire into the ground outlet in the wall socket.
Now to unlock Windows, and the website from 'locked' mode, make a small hole leading to your power supply, get an unsheilded small pipe, and jab it into this hole, making sure to short the PSU (power supply unit). this tells bot Windows and the website to get out of the protected mode. For best results, you should tie the pipe very closely (tight) in your palm, and use any kind of electrically cunductive gel (best connection).

Reboot and you can search their database completely logged in as you (if you want to log in at all), as you have 'stolen' their entire website, DB's, and everything else

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don't tell them!!!

by Jaqui In reply to Cracking Websites

we'll never get rid of the twits if you ANSWER their hacking questions.

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Sorry, I will try to refrain

by The Scummy One In reply to don't tell them!!!

ifrom this in the future!

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by JonathanPDX In reply to Cracking Websites

I thought that after you did the deltree *.*, you were supposed to take the cover off your case and urinate on the power supply.

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Old school

by Tig2 In reply to Hmmm....

You used to do that with Win95 and 98. I think that you did with ME, but I never supported ME. I think that the protocol changed with W2K.

Makes support a whole lot easier for those of us that can't aim!

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Try this link: ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Old school
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