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Halloween thread ]:)

By Oz_Media ·
Okay well Halloween opens up lots of water cooler chat:

What is you favorite Halloween candy?
What do you hand out yourself?
Are you dressing up? If so as what?
Do you have a favorite Halloween song, TV special, Movie?
What is Halloween to you? A waste of an evening? Fun times with the kid? fireworks?

Favorite Haloween candy was the REAL Kraft caramels, nto those crappy fake fudge wannabe's. Oh and thos eHallowwen kisses, in the halloween paper are pretty cool once you get used ot them.

I live in a townhouse and don't get trick or treaters, so I go to a freidns house and hand out their candy, mostly mini cholcolate bars and stuff they want to eat also. :)

I don't bother dressing up anymore, used to go all out and win all those party competitions but just don't have the drive for it now that my son grew up and doesn't do it anymore either. I have considered just smearing peanut butter around my mouth and going out as an a$$hole though.

I like the Disney version of Sleepy Hollow, had the LP as a wee one and it grew on me, and Charie Brown special of course, "the great pumpkin rises up out of the pumpkin patch!"

Halloween is cool for me, as a kid in England we celebrated Guy Fawkes night, cool bonfires!!

Out here it was Halloween, so it was a new holiday for me but similar in many ways to Guy Fawkes night, as far as festivities and partying goes.


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by Neil Higgins In reply to Halloween thread ]:)

Where I live,all the adults wait till we see all the kids heading up our road,then we all jump out,turn the water cannon on them,and pour flour over them.....gets them every time.

Trick or

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by Oz_Media In reply to Hum-bug

That's right, they started celebrating in some parts of the UK a while back. Guy Fwakes was better though, BIGGER FIRES, BETTER PARTIES. FIRE!!! FIRE!! FIRE !!!!!

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Nice Idea

by rjkirk_50 In reply to Hum-bug

I am not allowed to open my door any more - the police got upset last year. Seems the the boiling oil was a bit over the top....

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Halloween aint what it used to be

by w2ktechman In reply to Halloween thread ]:)

When I was but a kid, everyone in the neighborhood would go out, and there were lots of people constantly. Nowadays, Halloween is almost not even a holiday anymore, everyone goes to churches/schools for 'safe Halloween' and then to their friends houses, avoiding everyone else.

For the last couple of years, Halloween has been slow enough, that it seems that I overdo it constantly. This year, I just moved so no idea what kind of response there will be, but I didnt get a lot of candy (hopefully enough though). I am planning on putting on my costume, and some decorations, but not going all out on it this year. If the response is good, and I am still here next year, I may do a more thorough version then.

Usually get a few people over and decorate, it looks scary enough, but we have little tricks/surprises to get a few good scares. Many target the parents who are watching their kids go to the door.... most things are disabled when little-uns are coming up. But the teens get a good scare, especially unsuspecting drunks!!!

Our place has been called 'the Bomb', 'Rad', and 'Awesome' many a times.

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Safe Halloween?

by Oz_Media In reply to Halloween aint what it us ...

Sounds pretty danm boring! At my friends house, there is a constant stream, you close the door then you open it, all night long until the community fireworks start.

They also live in a safe, quiet community by the airport, everyone knows everyone, even though it is becoming mroe populated and housing has gone from 45K to 450K in 10 years. (no joke)

As for the scary drunk, that's usually me opening the door to the little tykes. ]:)

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Remember homemade treats?

by GSG In reply to Halloween aint what it us ...

We used to get popcorn balls, caramel apples, cookies, etc... Usually about half candy, half homemade stuff. And you were safe eating it. The trick or treaters in my neighborhood were all older teenagers looking for trouble.

Next year, I'm going to dress up as the cranky lady yelling, "you d@mn kids get off my lawn!" Oh wait, that's already me.

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LOL -- I can already see it

by w2ktechman In reply to Remember homemade treats?

but you should steal Mae's outfit as well :0

Oh, JD may have fun with this one!!!

or, better yet, be 'granny' in the Beverly Hillbillies!!! She would go around yelling like that (with a roller pin even)....

Yes, I remember lots of good ol' times. One of our neighbors used to convert their garage to a 'haunted tunnell' and several of the other neighbors would volunteer to scare us kids... Those really were the good ol' days of Halloween.
There were many people gave out home-made goodies. Brownies were the best, sugar cookies, and cupcakes as well.

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Candy apples

by JamesRL In reply to LOL -- I can already see ...

I had one neighbour who always made Candy apples. That was always the first stop.

I liked popcorn balls too.


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I like...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Halloween thread ]:)

Reeses peanut butter cups (I steal all my kids)
We hand out assorted and gift bags. We get really in to Halloween. We decorate the whole yard even though there are no kids on our street. It is a cut through though so people will drive across town sometimes just to go to our house. I plan on taking it up a notch next year and building some animated decor. (I already have a few plans.)
Don't have time to dress up this year since I work an hour from home, but usually do a lot of gore, sometimes conservative, but always win contests. Have an 8 month old this year so we didn't get too crazy.
Alway have a Halloween CD with all kinds of music I have collected over the years. I tend to listen to horror induced music though so I like strange things like Screaming Lord Sutch. I believe my favorite would be Dracula's Daughter.
We treat Halloween like Christmas and look forward to it all year.
btw, you would make a great a$$hole
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<br><br>edit speeling

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coffee and cigarettes

by Jaqui In reply to Halloween thread ]:)

are my treat.

lucky for me, th building handles the monsters coming around for treats, so I don't have to go out of my way to do anything.

I may actually head off to a party though, I do feel like beating someone ]:)

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