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Happy Anniversary to Me!

By CharlieSpencer ·
Happy 10th anniversary to myself, for rattling around here since this date in 2000.

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What first brought him to TR?

by mr_m_sween In reply to Congrats!!

My guess would be a 28.8k modem....or maybe the pony express. I mean it was a long time ago.....

hehe. Congrats.

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Get off my cyber-lawn!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What first brought him to ...

Danged kids these days, no respect for their elders.

Now, it's four o'clock; who's turn it is to drive me to Denny's?

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by oldbaritone In reply to Get off my cyber-lawn!

It was WAY before 28.8, probably an AJ 103 Acoustic modem. (300 baud)

Yes, I had one in BBS days...

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10 years well wasted, congrats {nt}

by Slayer_ In reply to Happy Anniversary to Me!
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by maecuff In reply to Happy Anniversary to Me!

You's been nearly 8 years for me. It doesn't seem that long.

I just remember, the very first post I ever made that Oz made a sarcastic comment in reply and I thought.."oh, yes..I like this place".

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I had a similar reaction to alt.folklore.urban

by JamesRL In reply to Awesome!

I saw a post slagging Canada and I jumped in to defend, not understanding the culture of the place. Snopes basically blasted away at me and trolled me at the same time. I was hooked.


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"Not understanding the culture"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I had a similar reaction ...

That's why I lurked for a while, and why I recommend others do the same on any site they're new to. How many times have we seen someone jump in here and complain about off-topic posts, or not understand a post because it's in the context of established personal relationships?

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And those are the long-time members

by NickNielsen In reply to "Not understanding the cu ...

The ones who've been members for four or five years, but never paid attention before.

The ones I like are those who join to flame a discussion, then never post again until a similar discussion pops up, then they flame again and disappear until...

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4-chan twits and Scientologists.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to And those are the long-ti ...

Just entering their names will probably draw them like flies to a fresh cow flop.

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I can't believe no one did this yet

by GSG In reply to Happy Anniversary to Me!

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