Hard Drive Beeps and won't mountUp

By airush ·
Hi to all,
I really need the files from the HDD drive any support will be much appreciated..

Okay I have a Samsung 250G Sata that is only responding to me by beeps every few seconds.

1st. Yes it?s the hard dive beeping. And starts beeping when power is connected. And won?t mount
2st. No post beeps, No bios screen.
3rd. Tried different ports. no luck
4th. Tried other HDD, all okay computer stable.
5th. Tried plugging in HDD after XP has loaded and yet again just beeps and spins. Nothing..! HDD less than a one year old.

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Since you already have tried another hdd and all is ok...

Then just try and put the drive in question in a Powered USB caddy. Get a new/used drive and have that as your master drive, load everything on, updates etc, etc, and then plug in the Powered USB caddy, hopefully you will be able to access your files and programs through "My computer" icon. You might need to do it fast because that sound seems like your drive is well on the way to the Gods (dead).
Hope all works out for you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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never heard of hdd beeps but...

by 2BlueUK In reply to Hard Drive Beeps and won' ...

Im pretty sure its your bios, hard drives does not have a speaker...unless maybe you somehow managed to plug the HD LED to speaker connection on the mobo...just kidding.
Im guessing by wont mount you mean boot, you can try to use a usb caddy but if your HDD spins but doesnt come up on the system when you plug it in internally the chances are the data port of the SATA connector maybe damaged, which means even if you do use a caddy it probably wont work.
Try resetting the bios according to your motherboards manual (usually by disconnecting the main power connector, remove the CMOS battery and/or shorting two pins that are aound the battery) and try your HDD again.

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never heard of hdd beeps but...

by airush In reply to never heard of hdd beeps ...

As i said befor the system is stable with other HDD. Hard Drive Beeps are coming from the hard drive head seeking...!

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Is it beeps or

by The Scummy One In reply to never heard of hdd beeps ...

a recurring high pitch sound?

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Is it beeps or

by airush In reply to Is it beeps or


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You are staring hard-drive-demise in the face ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it beeps or

If the hard drive is indeed beeping.

By definition, hard drives are in the business of reading to and writing from the data surface of the platters - period.

If the activity of the heads is creating an audio output that sounds like a beep (or if there IS a capability which I've never heard of that DOES make a beeping sound) - then it is safe to say this particular hard drive is displaying inordinate symptoms that, in normal circumstances, it NEVER WOULD.

So you've now got a choice:

#1 You can desist from any further direct use of this HDD then send it away for forensic recovery of the data it (hopefully) still holds.


#2 You can continue to muddle through, listening to this continuing beeping sound from a device not known for ever having previously beeped, until you reach the point of posting back on TechRepublic to inquire why your HDD has STOPPED BEEPING. At that point the definitive answer will be that you killed it by continuing to attempt access to it, despite advice to the contrary.

You should take this beeping noise as a sign of something very bad happening to the HDD every time it tries to do its job.

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No Need to yell, I was trying to help determine

by The Scummy One In reply to Is it beeps or

the actual problem. If, in fact the hard drive is beeping -- without speakers or ability to, then your HDD heads are rubbing against the platters -- ELSE your hard drive is not beeping, your f**king computer is, dumba$$.

OM is correct, if your f**king HDD is beeping, then it is a serious error -- not a joke, because IF you need your files, they may never be able to be recovered due to physical damage. Get a grip a$$hole, we are trying to help, but since you are a pathetic piece of ****, I will have to rethink if I want to help your sorry dumba$$ self

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If you cannot spell CYNICAL - don't use the word !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it beeps or

Moreover, apart from not being able to SPELL it you haven't got a clue what it actually means either, you fuckwit!!

Believing the worst of human nature and motives; having a sneering disbelief in e.g. selflessness of others

If I was truly cynical you dimwitted little fart, I wouldn't have posted anything at all - certainly not anything that would've been to your benefit.

'HR / Personnel / Training' eh? - Lucky for you it was multiple choice to get that for your Job Role and didn't involve you having to spell any BIG WORDS.

Otherwise we might never have figured out what your function on planet Earth was, apart from being an ignorant little scrote, a bawbag, and a self-inflated blowhard.

You just can't get the staff these days! :^0

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to If you cannot spell CYNIC ...

On call in the event regular sinners are off duty.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to [i]SINICALL[/i]

Working as a prostitute outside the local multiplex.

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