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Hard Drive Needs TLC or RIP? Help I'm A Girl

By helpimagirl ·
Hi I read your 200 ways to revive a hard drive and at about #15 my eyes started to glaze over and by #21 I was mumbling and drooling. Here are my specific bits of info regarding my problem...

When I hook the newly failing or failed drive in as a slave (it has always been a slave there is no OS on it) I choose the boot drive and my computer reboots...The first thing I get on the iniial black page with white type that runs thru and detects and reports whats in your computer etc. is a "warning hard drive failure is imminent press F2 to continue) so I press F2 aND i get the initial windows screen and then when it transitions t what would normally be my user log in page it transitions to the black screen and then never comes back (thats what happens 9 out of 10 times) the 10th time iT BOOTS all the way ...then when I go into my computer to see if the 500 gig drive (divided into 3 sections by me) i showing up there I see all 3 drive letters ----please note these were labeled with names as well like "Legal Archives" and "Music and Music Videos" etc. when I try to access these drives it tells me it's empty and asks if i want to reformat or something ....this HD was almost full ... I am a research attorney who researches and writes appellate briefs and petitions for review and this HD is very important and I need to be able to at least copy. Please tell me there is a magic software program I can run that will recover the data contained on this POS Maxtor HD. It feels like it's doing something when i touch it. I have tapped it with the end of a screwdriver handle. also why won't my normal drive with my OS system on it not boot everytime with the slave it seems like it should boot up everytime whether the bad drive does or not? Thank you !!!CJ

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We're neanderthals?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You guys

She comes in here asking for help because "I'm a girl", and we're the neanderthals? She practically hit herself over the head with her club and dragged herself into the cave by her own ponytail (complete with mastodon-hide ribbons).

Grace Hopper's spinning fast enough to power a Cray.

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by Shellbot In reply to We're neanderthals?

Ok, yes, I agree Palmy...

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you guys are gonna scare her off...

by jck In reply to ROFL

Don't ruin my chances! :^0

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Nope, not neanderthal

by jck In reply to You guys

I don't own a club.

I don't wear fur.

I have lesser frontal cranial ridges.

I can speak.

I take baths. :^0

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You keep selling that story.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Nope, not neanderthal

I can see the tracks in the dirt where you were dragging your knuckles. If you speak, it's only because you're a mouth-breather. Of course you don't wear fur; you can't kill a wardrobe if you don't have a club.

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Good one Palmie

by Tink! In reply to You keep selling that sto ...

Got me giggling. Especially the "Of course you don't wear fur; you can't kill a wardrobe if you don't have a club"

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That wasn't my knuckles dragging the ground

by jck In reply to You keep selling that sto ...
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Well, reel it back in,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That wasn't my knuckles d ...

'cause she hasn't been seen since her initial post.

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There comes a time in every woman's life...

by Forum Surfer In reply to You guys

where she appreciates some neanderthal-ish behavior to an extent. That warm, sympathetic, caring, nurturing, sensitive to your feelings guy has to man up and take charge (from time to time you have to switch who's running the show, of course) in the bedroom or things will get dull.


Just my 2 cents. Excuse me now, I'm off to drag my knuckles elsewhere!

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Well of course

by Shellbot In reply to There comes a time in eve ...

I didn't say men couldn't be men..!!
(it was the whole looking at her pic that i was refering to)

A guy who can't man-up and take charge is useless. I don't want someone more emotional than me hanging around all the time!!

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