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Hard Drive Needs TLC or RIP? Help I'm A Girl

By helpimagirl ·
Hi I read your 200 ways to revive a hard drive and at about #15 my eyes started to glaze over and by #21 I was mumbling and drooling. Here are my specific bits of info regarding my problem...

When I hook the newly failing or failed drive in as a slave (it has always been a slave there is no OS on it) I choose the boot drive and my computer reboots...The first thing I get on the iniial black page with white type that runs thru and detects and reports whats in your computer etc. is a "warning hard drive failure is imminent press F2 to continue) so I press F2 aND i get the initial windows screen and then when it transitions t what would normally be my user log in page it transitions to the black screen and then never comes back (thats what happens 9 out of 10 times) the 10th time iT BOOTS all the way ...then when I go into my computer to see if the 500 gig drive (divided into 3 sections by me) i showing up there I see all 3 drive letters ----please note these were labeled with names as well like "Legal Archives" and "Music and Music Videos" etc. when I try to access these drives it tells me it's empty and asks if i want to reformat or something ....this HD was almost full ... I am a research attorney who researches and writes appellate briefs and petitions for review and this HD is very important and I need to be able to at least copy. Please tell me there is a magic software program I can run that will recover the data contained on this POS Maxtor HD. It feels like it's doing something when i touch it. I have tapped it with the end of a screwdriver handle. also why won't my normal drive with my OS system on it not boot everytime with the slave it seems like it should boot up everytime whether the bad drive does or not? Thank you !!!CJ

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Oh thanks, Shell

by jck In reply to Well of course

So, sensitive men who don't go bossing a woman around are useless.

Now I'm useless and incorrect.

I'm going to leave work early and go home and drink myself to oblivion.

Christmas sucks. Bah humbug.

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Its a fine balance JCK

by Shellbot In reply to Oh thanks, Shell

Thats the trick, ya gotta know when to be sensitive..and ya gotta know when to take charge.

Now see, don't be so touchy..who said anything about being bossy

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There's no center point on that balance, Shell

by NickNielsen In reply to Its a fine balance JCK

No matter what decision we make–sensitive or take charge–the woman involved will always tell us we're wrong.

Just stay in Al Bundy mode, guys. That way you're only wrong half the time.


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by david.lavie In reply to There's no center point o ...

If a man says something and there's not a woman there to hear it does that mean he's wrong?

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i just have bad days sometimes

by jck In reply to Its a fine balance JCK

I guess she's not coming back either.

Oh well.

Anyone got a Guinness handy? :^0

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I have a nice bottle of merlot!

by Forum Surfer In reply to i just have bad days some ...

My one week this month on figures. Lol, sitting at home sipping the leftover merlot straight from the bottle while the girlfriend whines about me being on call...and I'm whining about it too! At least I can fix all my issues via vpn, no hands on required.

Happy New Year!

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Yeah, so?

by NickNielsen In reply to You guys

You expected something different? ;\

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Meeeeow <nt>

by Shellbot In reply to Yeah, so?
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by Tink! In reply to Hard Drive Needs TLC or R ...

because I just had a similar situation. My kids' computer wouldn't boot all the way and was giving that "hard drive failure imminent" message.

I ended up pulling it out and adding it as a slave on my PC. Once done I was lucky enough to be able to pull most of the data off.

The thing with yours, although you say it always WAS a slave - it sounds like it's trying to boot from that slave. Mine actually did the same thing. In order to bypass this I had to wait until my PC got past the inital boot screen (where it says press F2 to access Startup, etc) and THEN connect the slave drive before Windows fully loads.

I do not however, recommend doing what I did, and I'd would urge you to follow the original responses you've received - take the drive in to a recovery service. Handling the hardware in this manner I described can cause all sorts of problems such as short circuits (which can then cause loss of data) and other catastrophies.

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Boy, you scared the stuff out of me.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Curious

I'm so glad you added that last paragraph. Portions of me clenched when you described connecting that drive while the power was on.

"Professional technician on closed network. Do not try this at home."

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