"Hard Drive Parameter error. Please set up the CMOS."

By JB0707 ·
"Hard Drive Parameter error. Please setup the CMOS."

My Pc has Windows XP had initially had 2 internal HDDs but I removed one as it was corrupted with a "Tojan Virus" which JUSTED COULDN'T GET REMOVED regardless of whatever I tried!! I left one HDD but every time I try to boot on, I get that error message above "Hard Drive Parameter error. Please set up the CMOS."

And my system just stops. I tried to use a different HDD but still get the same message.

I have tried making various sets of changes in the system "BIOS" setup but still in vain.

Please, Can any one out there offer me some help!! what am I doing wrong?

I also tried to use the System recovery CDrom but failed to bootup. Error Msg says "Hard Drive failure"

How can I Bootup from a WINDOW XP operating system CD-rom? How??

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OK then assuming that these are IDE Drives

by OH Smeg In reply to I have done that many tim ...

You need to remove the existing drive and change the jumper on it to Master not Slave or CS Cable Select.

Then ideally if you don't have anything on it that you want to keep you can use Boot & Nuke to wipe the Drive or you can refit the drive that you removed and use Boot & Nuke on that. This utility writes zeros to every sector and is written to a Optical Disc to boot off.

As this utility writes Zero's to every sector on the HDD 3 times it destroys any data on the drive including infections.


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by oldbaritone In reply to "Hard Drive Parameter err ...

Try setting hard drives to "None" instead of "Auto" or whatever. Leave the CD-ROM as the only installed drive. Or set them all (including the CD-ROM) to "None" and try booting from a USB key, or an external USB CD drive. As a last-ditch, set the on-board HD controller devices to "Disabled" and boot from USB device. You'll also need to change the BIOS boot setup to allow booting from USB devices.

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