Hard drive power/boot problems, Need Help Please!!

By Sandman28 ·

Heres a short verion of my computer problems to date. To start with I have Intel D865GlC(512 mb ram) (MSI x800 Radeon). Anyway over the last two years my computer has had problems with randomly instantaneously reseting, doesnt matter what I am doing (word, video, games). I have constantly look for solutions but none so far have worked. I tried formatting, ram and all the likes, except changing the Power Supply, so under a friends suggestion I went and bought a p4-400wat power supply to replace my 300wat one. This is where the trouble comes in. I have a Western Digital 80gb hardrive as my slave (contains the windows partition) and a Seagate 320gb (2 months old max).

So anyway I tried to boot once new power supply was all connected up, the green lights on the motherboard were on showing that power was being supplied, but the computer would not actually turn on (ie fans didnt spin, cdroms didnt spin etc). Well i thought lets remove some components incase the P/S is dodgey and cant handle all the power, so i unplugged both hard drives. Computer boots up fine, recognises both Dvd/Cd drives. Ok so I shutdown and plug in both hardrives and remove DVD/CD drives, doesnt turn on (green lights are on), hmm ok somethien to do with hard drives.

Problem 1) Plug in the WD 80 with windows partition and promply get a blue screen of death after a little loading (0x0000007B), so I try to start in safe mode (and last ood configuration), it gets to the point of loading the d347bus.sys (a Daemon tools driver) and then the BSOD appears, i try again to safe mode and esc to skip the d347 driver, BSOD again. Did some reasearch on the issue people suggested deleting the file with recovery console (did delete it and also the d347prt.sys) and still get BSOD. Ok so now we have problem one out the way.

Problem 2) Ok this problem concerns the Seagate 320gb. Whenever it is connected to a computer (mine or parents) it wont allow the computer to turn on, the lights will be on on motherboard but no fans will spin when power button pressed. When Seagate HD removed the power has to be completely disconnected and reconnected to turn on again, what im thinking is that the hard drive is seeming to be tripping some kind of switch by short circuting or something. Anyway the hard drive cannot be accesed at all as it is.

Steps taken to fix- have tried to research but havent found any info to help either problem, have also placed everything back on the 300w suplpy in case the 400w was dodge. Cant get MemDumps of the WD 80gb one as cant get into windows throug any method.

There is data on both hard drives that I really cant afford to lose so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks Heaps

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first of all

by kpak44wh In reply to Hard drive power/boot pro ...

is this a prebuilt computer, or one that you bought. I
know that the emachines and certain dells have to have a
certain power supply for that computer. some computers
have a little cable that plugs into the board. Second, How
long before the computer restarts, a few minutes, or right
after it is turned on. You need to check the specs on the
motherboard to see what kind of power supply you
need.You could have a popped chip on the board or a
weak solder. When it gets warm, the connection loosens
and shuts off.
check the hard drive to see if it is master or slave. If it has
the same setting on both drives, it won't load. Take it off
cable select if it is on it.

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by Sandman28 In reply to first of all

This was a prebuilt computer (like 3 years ago from a computer shop) but over time have performed various upgrades, but none to motherboard or cpu. Yes this computer (if its the cable i think ur talking about) has a little cable plugged (12v) into the board. With the resseting/restartin it used to happen randomly, sometimes it would be just as it booted up and other times it would be a long way into a session or in the middle of the night when left on downloading. As far as i know interms of heat inside the machine on the motherboard it seems alright, i have a few extra fans and with the new videocard that no longer gets really hot. One hdd is set to master (the Seagate 320) and the oother is set to slave. The main problem is that it will actually turn on (fans spinning disks spinning) with the WD HDD or no hard drives at all, but as soon as the Seagate is introduced to the system it wont turn on (green lights on indicicating power flow), when you try to plug it into the power with the Seagate in it the fans spin for less than a second then stop as tho the computer short circuted or somthing.
Cheers for ur quick response!

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if it's just the hard drive

by kpak44wh In reply to Reply

put it in an external hard drive case, and backup your data
from it. It' no worth your time to fix this hdd. If it runs great
without the the hd drive, don't worry, just use it as an
external. Have you tried any other hard drives to see if the
problem keeps occurring. The ide chip on the board could be
bad, or something as simple as the cable to the hdd. Is it a
twisted cable, and does it have master and slave labeled on
it? So many variables, it could be many things.

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The other one works

by Sandman28 In reply to if it's just the hard dri ...

The other hard drive works, just has a corrupted windows file. The problem is when this one specifically is plugged in then the computer wont poer on. I have researched into it, most people agree that i have spoken to that it is a probably a problem on the circuit board with it shorting, i will try the external drive, i just need to buy a bay, and then the other suggestion i have had is that since it isnt a chamber issue then you could buy another model of the hardrive thats exactly the same and replace the faulty circuit board with a working one without braking the seal to the chamber, what do you think of this idea. The other option is to get the data retrieved off it for bout AUD $ 500-2000 depending on severity of problem by data retrieval specialists. Cheers

P.s ( the other idea i had heard is to freeze the hardrive in a sealed bag in the freezer overnights and that can sometimes work, have you had any experience with this? Also tried with different ribbons/cabbles and thats not the problem)

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Faulty IDE

by r1ch04 In reply to Hard drive power/boot pro ...

Hi Mate
I had the same issue a long time ago with one of my harddrives. I had a power cut and when i turned the pc back on it did nothing. After some playing and swapping components the harddrive was the last thing i checked. As soon as i took it out and powered it on it worked fine. The hardrive is dead mate.

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Check your mother board

by 1bn0 In reply to Hard drive power/boot pro ...

"randomly instantaneously reseting, doesnt matter what I am doing "

Sounds like a mother board with failed power input capacitors.

The capacitors fail and the devices do not get the correct power supplied to them. This could potentially dmage other components as well.

Visually inspect the capacitors ( look like little cylinders sticking up from the board. Usually the largest ones on the board are the culprit. A bulging or convex top indicate sthe capacitor has failed.

If this is the problem replace the motherboard. Unless you are very good with a soldering iron.

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