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By mazr_khan ·
Hi All,

Is it possible to Upgrade a p3 500Mhz Toshiba Processor

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Desktop or Laptop?

by TheChas In reply to Hardware Upgrade

On a desktop, you should be able to upgrade the CPU with little problem.

For laptops, it depends on if the CPU is soldered or socketed.

Either way, the first place to start is at Toshiba's web site and see what the specifications are for the system you have.

For a desktop system, you have either a Slot 1 or a socket 370 CPU. you need to get the correct physical CPU for your system.


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Yes but only to 1 GIG Speed.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hardware Upgrade

Any P3 above the 1 GIG Speed have a different architecture and they will be destroyed immediately you apply power.

If you have a desktop Computer you should find it fairly easy to pick up a 1 GIG P3 but if you are looking at a NB it will be much harder or almost impossible to find a Mobile P3 1 GIG CPU.

You'll also need to look at what Front Side Bus Speed is supported by the M'Board it will be either 100 MHZ or 133 MHZ and buy a Processor to suit your M'Board. The 1 GIG P3 came in both 100 & 133 MHZ FSB but the 133 is far more common. You'll also need to look at the CPU Package as a 500 MHZ can be either a Slot 1 or a Socket 370 CPU but no matter which they are still both a 100 FSB. If you have a slot 1 Desktop M'Board you are very unlikely to find a Slot 1 1 GIG CPU but you can get a Socket 370 to Slot 1 Adaptor and it will work. This type of M'Board is far more likely to have a 100 MHZ FSB than a Socket 370 but you still need to check the Makers Manual or Specifications.


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