Has Anyone Come Across This Error?

By VAR1016 ·
This concerns an Acer 5750 laptop, running Windows 8 (64 bit).
The hard disk is partitioned, but I cannot access Drive D; on attempting to open it I am told that the disk must be formatted, but it will not format. On investigating I found this message:
"Base System Device PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_16BE&SUBSYS_05041025&REV_10\4&2B4E00C3&0&02E0 The drivers for this device are not installed."

The computer does tell me that Drive D is empty.

Can anyone advise?
Thanks in advance


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Have you tried running the HDD Makers Test Utility?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has Anyone Come Across Th ...

It could be an issue with Windows 8 but it could also be an issue with a failing HDD so you need to rule out the hardware before attacking the software.


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Reponse To Answer

by VAR1016 In reply to Have you tried running th ...

Thanks for that ; I have run WD's utility and the drive has a "pass". I had a look at the defragmenter and in the dialog box I notice that the second drive, instead of being labelled is marked "reserved"; the drive contains no data. Can it be "unreserved?"
Thanks again

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Disk Management

by EVGA In reply to Has Anyone Come Across Th ...

I would check Disk management and make sure it says healthy on the partition and the size and formatting of the partition is all correct. Also depending on the system you may need a storage driver just a thought.

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Reponse To Answer

by VAR1016 In reply to Disk Management

As I have written above, I have checked the disk using the maker's utility - all OK. I cannot, as I said before, format the partition...


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So just how big is this Partition?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has Anyone Come Across Th ...

If it's something like 1 or 2 GIG then it's the Recovery Partition and no you don't want to touch it.

If it's a couple of hundred Meg it's the Master Boot Record and writing anything to it will destroy the contents of the HDD itself. Those are the only 2 types of Partition in a Windows System that you can not access and to be quite honest they both should be invisible from within Windows as they are System Critical.

If you have several hundred GIG then something has been done to that Partition to Lock it so what has been done things like Encrypting the partition and that is what I would be considering as a first option.


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by VAR1016 In reply to Has Anyone Come Across Th ...

Thanks for the advice.
This time I opened the command prompt (administrator) and entered Format D\: and it worked. So much for the "missing drivers" message!
It stated that the drive was "raw". Now it's fine and works properly.

All the best

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