Has anyone seen this before?

By J.Runn ·

Sometimes when I try to paste a screenshot into a fresh mail message in Outlook 2007, I see a red lock with a white "Z" inside the lock. Does anyone know if this is a Microsoft Office 2007 related issue? I have the Outlook Messages set has HTML if that helps.

This is the lock,

Thanks for all the help!

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Your post removals...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to proved the point

Your last post was deleted for two reasons - one being nothing more than "trolling" and the other for making threats - both of which are not allowed.

The above post normally would also warrant a deletion for the same two reasons.

However, I decided to give you another chance and leave it be.

I'm not sure if your sole intent for posting within these forums is simply to disrupt and bait the members into a discussion with you so you can later call "foul" when they respond to such "trolling" activites, or if you really are a "newbie" and just need a little guidance when using our forums.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and consider you a newbie.

With that in mind, I make these suggestion to you.

1: Don't post comments that serve nothing more than to "bait" members. It's considered trolling and will get you labeled as a troll.

2: Don't make threats toward members, especially when you do not know them and they don't know you.

3: When posting an off-topic discussion, ask yourself first - will this offend someone? This is especially important for someone who is new to these forums. You may think its funny and a joke, but others may find it offensive - leaving you on the receiving end of comments you may not find so funny and offensive.

4: Get to know the members better, yes they do fuss amongst themselves on occasion - however, they also back off when they are asked to do so. They also "apologize" when they have crossed the line.

5: Baiting, acting nasty, making threats, acting snide will always cause the members to retaliate in kind.

-Tammy :-)

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Oh, you are good. Well said.

by seanferd In reply to Your post removals...

Perhaps he can still make it through his shakedown cruise.

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I'm pretty FOS...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Freshly minted troll

but I don't sleep under bridges.

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under bridges

by dr_evil In reply to I'm pretty FOS...

not even after consuming A large quantity of ale?

I tell you I couldn't care where I sleep just the headache in the morning!

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answer to prob

by dr_evil In reply to Has anyone seen this befo ...

If when you create a new message you should be able to take a screengrab.

from the menu Insert/picture/new drawing.
minimize the window to the task bar.
take the screengrab.
maximize the email window
in the drawing canvas appears just paste the grab you shouldnt have to save it.

I double checked it and it works fine.

remember only after you place the canvas in the email take the grab it will work fine.

check out this video it will show you how.

Hope this answers your question.

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The Answer

by J.Runn In reply to answer to prob

The red lock is from our ZixSelect Outlook add-in tool that allows us encrypt email messages; note the white "Z." Not Office, nor Outlook.

This has nothing to do with pasting the image into word or saving it as a file then importing it inside the message or any of that longer process crap. This process of pasting a copied image was made to be easy and for that purpose, you shouldn't have to save it as a file or paste it somewhere else before placing it inside the message.

With the program PrintKey, you can select a designated area to copy and it allows you to pass those steps and paste the image directly into the message, which is much faster and easier to all users. It also has the ability to save the screenshot/area as a .jpeg, which is nifty as well.

Again, this has nothing to do with Microsoft Office or Outlook, but the ZixCorp ZixSelect add-in tool for Outlook.

Hope that cleared everything up.


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Outlook or OE?

by -Q-240248 In reply to Has anyone seen this befo ...

Do you mean Outlook Express? Anyways, if it's HTML, you have to send the pic as an attachment.

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by J.Runn In reply to Outlook or OE?

Outlook 2007.

We paste our screenshots inside the messages when they send us emails for support.


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Have you installed the latest updates

by Jacky Howe In reply to Has anyone seen this befo ...
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by J.Runn In reply to Have you installed the la ...

ZixMail is the stand alone local version of ZixSelect that doesn't correspond with the ZixServer. But yes I have downloaded the latest version of ZixSelect. I am working with ZixCorp with this issue. I will post the resolution when acquired.

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