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Has anyone tried Vista release version yet?

By Mr.Wiz ·
I've been running the release version of Windows Vista for about a week now. I haven't had any major problems and most of my software runs as is. I've only had to get a different anti-virus program and upgrade to Roxio EMC 9.0. The only other problem is with the U3 Launchpad software on my flash drive. The flash drive still works, but the launchpad won't.

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Ad U & C wouldn't run

by speedelf In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I loaded Vista Enterprise, and installed the adminpak.msi from win2003w/sp1 cd. Active Directory Users and Computers opened up, but came up with a Red X instead of opening up the index. I have not searched to see if there is a special version for vista. Anybody know?

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I'll never upgrade to Windows Vista

by wgs777 In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...


I'm going to stay with Windows XP Pro forever. I use several older programs everyday which will never run on Vista. I just can't justify the high cost of buying new hardware, new software ($3000 total) for what? A slow running, unstable, incompatible OS? Not me...

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Then you will be missing a great OS

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to I'll never upgrade to Win ...

What high cost- I built this pc for $500 and it runs Vista Ultimate (RTM) very well. In fact with 2 pc's side by side(XP&Vista)Xp seems faster in some things but Vista seems faster in others.
My Vista pc runs 24/7 with no problems.

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I will never upgrade to Vista

by wgs777 In reply to Then you will be missing ...

Everything I've read about Vista points to incompatibility with hardware and existing software. Vista is a very slow running high overhead operating system. XP Pro SP2+ runs fast on my 6 year old son's 366 MHZ PC with 256 MB of Ram. I have a huge library of Windows 98 games which work perfectly on Windows XP. I wish Microsoft would have made Vista even more backward compatible than XP with existing hardware and software, and with even less overhead than XP. But Vista is moving in the opposite direction. Also, I don't think any business will ever touch Vista because of its incompatibility issues, and home users will be surprised to find Vista won't run alot of their software. I honestly believe Vista will be criticized as being the worst operating system ever created. I have respect for those people who want to use Vista, but I'm rushing to buy new PC's while they still come preloaded with XP Pro.

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That makes sense.

by leopmahon In reply to I will never upgrade to V ...

As I've mentioned in posting, Microsoft marketing pulling out all the stops to get us to add to MS billions. The hidden extra software and hardware updates that a majority of home users will have to address is never mentioned. XP is the best version they produced despite the monthly updates. If it's not broken don't fix it!

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An important post

by leopmahon In reply to I'll never upgrade to Win ...

I have found myself in the same position(details posted) One should locate the hidden cost of installing Vista before buying.

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I -had- it in on my DV6000 but de-installed

by michael.clark In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I had a number of issues running Office XP and the IE7 beta. After reviewing what others have said I may take it for another spin 'tho.

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Vista, Vista, where is Vista?

by MobyMud In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Does anyone know where I can get a version to test with?

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MSDN Subscriber Downloads

by w2ktechman In reply to Vista, Vista, where is Vi ...

is where I get mine from. Of course you will need an account though

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by gsquared In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I've been using the release version since it was put up on TechNet. I think that was about a week ago (as you mentioned).

It fixed a few issues I had with RC2 (like my default printer resetting periodically).

It seems to work fine for me. I'm still making jokes about feeling like a Mac user because so little software is available in Vista versions (not really true, but it appeals to my sense of the absurd).

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